WBCS(Main)-2002 Anthropology Paper-II Question Paper

                                                WEST   BENGAL   CIVIL  SERVICE 

                                                           EXAMINATION - 2002

                                                           Anthropology  Paper-II


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                        Full Marks-100 


                                                       ( Answer any five questions )


1.  Critically discuss the trends of urbanization in India.  Discuss the implications of growing importance of mega cities.


2.  “Land and forest are the twin problems of the tribals”.  Explain with suitable examples.


3.  What do you understand by agrarian class structure ?  Discuss with suitable exampes how land reforms and agricultural development may influence agrarian relations.


4.  Health is not the exclusive domain of medical science. Explain with suitable examples the contribution of anthropology in this context.


5.  Critically discuss the various structural constraints in the context of exucational development of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in India.  Suggest suitable measures.


6.  The Community Development Programme is not merely proving futile in its acclaimed goals, but is becoming harmful .  Discuss the scope,  objective and effects of Community Development Programmes in village India with suitable examples in this context.


7.  Discuss the chronology, distribution pattern and techno-morphological characteristics of the Indian lower palaeolithic culture.


8.  Write notes on any two of the following :

   (a)  ABO blood groups among Indian tribes

   (b)  Town planning in Harrappa

   (c)  Neolithic sites in India

   (d)  Development and displacement

   (e)  Social disorganisation and urban poor.