WBCS(Main)-2001 Anthropology Paper-II Question Paper

                                                 WEST   BENGAL   CIVIL  SERVICE 

                                                          EXAMINATION - 2001

                                                           Anthropology  Paper-II


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                        Full Marks-100 

                                                      All questions carry equal marks                                                             

                                                                     Group - A 

                                                         Answer any three questions 


1.  Give a brief account of the different forms of marriage found in tribal fndia. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples.


2.  Discuss the internal structure and.function of dormitories present among the tribal people in India.   Bring out its importance.


3.  Define and classify tribal economy of India.


4.  what do you understand by tribal Law ?   Answer with example from any one Indian tribe known to you.


5.  Write short notes on any two of the following :—-

    (a)  Acheulian in lndia

    (b)  Race and Caste

    (c)  Bongaism

    (d)  Tribal art

    (e)  Megalithic culture of South lndia.


                                                                 Group B  

                                                    Answer any two questions 


6.  Give an account of the current trends in tribal research in India.


7.  Who are the backward classes ?   Discuss the role of anthropoiogists in indentification and development of backward classes in India ? 


8.  Write an essay on ‘B.S. Guha’s classification of peoples of India.