WBCS(Main)-2004 Anthropology Paper-I Question Paper

                                                WEST   BENGAL   CIVIL  SERVICE 

                                                           EXAMINATION - 2004

                                                            Anthropology  Paper-I


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                        Full Marks-100 


If the question attempted are in excess of the prescribed number only the questions attempted first up to the prescribed number shall be valued and the remaining ones ignored.

Answer may be given either in English or in Bengali but all answer must be in one and the same language.


                                                    All questions carry equal marks                                                    

                                                                     Group - A 

                                                         Answer any three questions 


1.  With the assumption of erect posture and bipedalism, many anatomical changes took place in the ancestor of man. Indicate only the major changes that occurred in the vertebral column, pelvis, lower limbs, and feet.


2.  Explain how the environmental factors affect the human growth rate. What is catch-up of compensatory growth ?


3.  Describe briefly the salient features of Upper Palaeolithic cultures. Were there any new developments during the Upper Palaeolithic Period ?


4.  What is religion ?  Why are religious beliefs and practices found in all known societies ?  Give reasons. How does magic differ from religion ? 


5.  Write short notes on any two of the following :

    (a)  The concept of culture

    (b)  Food collection in hunter-gatherer stage

    (c)  Mutation

    (d)  A1, A2 BO blood groups

    (e)  Cranial capacity.  

                                                                    Group - B

                                                         Answer any two questions.


6.  Give a brief account of Malthusian Theory of population. Is it acceptable ?  Discuss.


7.  Give an outline of Sheldon’s system of classification of human physique by external body form.


8.  Write short notes on  any two of the following :

    (a)  Census

    (b)  Population  Pyramid

    (c)  Diffusion and Acculturation

    (d)  Division of  labour

    (e)  Pastoralism.