WBCS(Main)-2008 Anthropology Paper-I Question Paper

                                                WEST   BENGAL   CIVIL  SERVICE 

                                                           EXAMINATION - 2008

                                                            Anthropology  Paper-I


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                        Full Marks-100 

                                                     All questions carry equal marks                                                             

                                                                     Group - A 

                                                         Answer any three questions 


1.  Point out the characteristic biological features of human kind. Write about the consequences of bipedalism in man.


2.  Explain the methods used for resolution of conflict by the simple societies.


3.  What are the important features of Indus Valley Civilization ?  Describe the trade and commerce as evidenced in Indus Valley Cultures.


4.  Define ‘rules of descent’. Discuss the importance of ‘rules of descent’ for understanding social organisation.


5.  Write short notes on any two of the following :

    (a)  Java man 

    (b)  Marriage

    (c)  Madrasian culture

    (d)  Case study method

    (e)  Senescence.


                                                                 Group - B

                                                      Answer any two questions.


6.  How and why democracy and economic development are related to each other. Explain.


7.  Point out important features of Iron Age in India. Discuss how iron influenced the life of people.


8.  Discuss the importance of socio-demographic studies in relation to Physical Anthropology. Give a brief account of the techniques to be used for collection of data on socio-demography during a short period of field work.