WBCS(Main)- 2004 Sociology Paper -I Question Paper

                                         WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE


                                                  SOCIOLOGY—Paper I

Time Allowed—3’ Hours                                                                 Full marks—100


                Answer any three questions from Group A and any two from Group B.

                                                All Questions carry equal marks.


                                                                 Group A

                                                    Answer any three questions.

1.  Define Social Group.   Give an illustration of how a group is distinguished from a social category. Does primary group have any importance in modern social life ?   Give reasons for   your   answer.


2.  “Social control is a corrective for inadequate socialisation”.  Do you agree with this view ?   Give reasons.  Show with examples how anticipatory socialisation is important in social life.


3.  Distinguish between ascribed status and achieved status with emphasis on the nature of roles associated with them. Would the nature of role-conflict(s) be the same in relation to multiple roles and role-set ?   Give reasons.


4.  Examine Max  Weber’s views on social stratification.


5.  How is representativeness of the units ensured in a survey of the units ?   Compare and contrast survey research and intensive fieldwork as methods for understanding the social reality.


                                                         Group B

                                              Answer any two questions.


6.  How far does the Marxist theory of social change fit in with the scenario of globalisation and liberalisation where the industrially backward places are striving hard to attract the capital at any cost ?


7.  Explain whether the notion of God or gods is an essential feature of Emile Durkheim’s definition of religion. Which specific Indian religion has been mentioned by him to illustrate his notion of religion ?   Examine Durkheim’s thesis on religion as an agent of promoting solidarity in view of the rising number of ethnic conflicts on the basis of religion in today’s world.


8.  Prepare a brief review of the prospects and problems of small group research in understanding the correct nature of the relationship of the individual and the society in today’s world.