WBCS(Main)- 2002 Sociology Paper -II Question Paper

                                         WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE


                                                  SOCIOLOGY—Paper II

Time Allowed—3’ Hours                                                                 Full marks—100


                Answer any three questions from Group A and any two from Group B.

                                                All Questions carry equal marks.


                                                                 Group A

                                                    Answer any three questions.


1.  Discuss the nature of interplay of tradition and modernity in today’s Indian Society.


2.  Examine the strength and limitation of the Indological approach to the study of Indian society and culture.


3.  How is caste related to Varna ?   Analyse the role of caste in modern Indian society.


          How has the Jajmani Vyavastha (system) helped the continuity of Jati-vyavastha in village India ? What are the forces and factors causing its transformation ?


4.  What is the importance of kinship in understanding social organisation ?   Briefly compare and contrast the North Indian and South Indian kinship systems.


5.  Briefly narrate the changes in agrarian social structure of India  (a) after the advent of British Raj, and (b) after Land Reforms in independent India. 


              Briefly narrate the changing nature of (a) agrarian class structure and (b) urban class structure in modem India.


                                                         Group B

                                              Answer any two questions.


6.  Argue if complete eradication of child labour is feasible in countries like India. What mesures should immediately be taken to solve the problems of chlid labour ?


7.  Do you think that prostitution or sex-work should be declared a lawful occupation ?   Give reasons for your answer.  State in brief the steps for preventing illegal trafficking in girls and women.


          Examine the nature of AIDS as a social problem. What should be done to check its further spread in the country ?


8.  Write an essa on the debates concerning the empowerment of women in India.


           In which ways do linguism and communalism pose a threat to the unity and territorial integrity of India ?   What is to be done to meet the threat ?