WBCS(Main)- 2003 Sociology Paper -I Question Paper

                                         WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE


                                                  SOCIOLOGY—Paper I

Time Allowed—3’ Hours                                                                 Full marks—100


                Answer any three questions from Group A and any two from Group B.

                                                All Questions carry equal marks.


                                                                 Group A

                                                    Answer any three questions.

1.  Explain the role of religion in relation to social solidarity.


2.  Why are the primary and secondary groups important ?


3.  Discuss Comtean concept of Hierarchy of the sciences.


4.  What are the essential steps in a research procedure in sociological study ?


5.  Briefly discuss the types of authority after Weber.


                                                         Group B

                                              Answer any two questions.


6.  Are we prisoners of socialization ?  Justify your approach.


7.  What is culture ?   Discuss the relation between culture and society.


8.  Why studying day to day social interactions are important in Sociology ?