WBCS (Main)- 2009 History Paper- II Question Paper

                                                    WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE

                                                     EXAMINATION (Main) - 2009

                                                               (Optional Papers)

                                                                 History Paper II


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                Full Marks-100


                                                      All questions carry equal marks

                                                                    Group - A

                                                        Answer any five questions


1.  Describe the main features of the feudal order in Europe.


2.  What factors contributed to the humanist culture in Renaissance Italy ?


3.  In what ways did the Reformation in England strengthen the power of the English monarchy ?


4.  Explain the causes of the English civil war. Was it a ‘bourgeoisie revolution’ ?


5.  Discuss the role of the Philosophers in the French Revolution of 1789.


6.  Discuss the different stages of the unification of Germany.


7.  Assess the role of Lenin in the Bolshevik revolution.


8.  How did the Nazis impose a dictatorial regime in Germany after they seized power in March, 1933 ?