WBCS (Main)- 2007 History Paper- II Question Paper

                                                    WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE

                                                     EXAMINATION (Main) - 2007

                                                               (Optional Papers)

                                                                 History Paper II


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                Full Marks-100


                                                     All questions carry equal marks

                                                                    Group - A

                                                        Answer any three questions


1.  What is ‘Renaissance’ ?   What were its causes ?


2.  Analyse the role of John Lock in the development of liberalism.


3.  Examine the economic crisis in 18th Century France. To what extent was it responsible for the 1789 revolution ?


4.  How far is it correct to describe Napoleon I as the child of the revolution ?


5.  Do you think that the congress of Vienna was a ‘reasonable’ and ‘statesmanlike’ arrangement ? 



                                                          Answer any two questions.


6.  Why was the pace of industrialization in France and Germany weaker than in England ?


7.  Who was responsible for the World War-I ?


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