WBCS - 2008 (Compulsory Papers) General Knowledge & Current affiers

                                                WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE


                                                       COMPULSORY PAPER


                                GENERAL KNOWLEDGE AND CURRENT AFFAIRS


    If the questions attempted are in excess of the prescribed number, only the questions attempted first up to the prescribed number shall be valued and the remaining ones ignored.

    Parts of a question should be answered together and should not be interposed by answers to other questions.

    Answers may be written in English or in Bengali or in Nepali but all answers must be in one and the same language.

                                                                   GROUP-A (50 marks)

                                                SEPARATE ANSWER BOOK SHOULD BE USED

(In case a candidate writes answer to questions on Group-B in the answer book meant for Group-A and vice versa such answers will not be evaluated.)


Answer any five questions. Each question carries 10 Marks.


1. (a) Match List I with list II and select the ‘correct answer using the code giving bellow the lists

               List I                                    List II

             (Name)                                  (Game)

     A. Dola Banerjee                          1. Badminton  

     B. Aparna popat                           2. Snooker

     C. Anuja Thakur.                          3. Chess

     D. Parimarjan Negi :                     4. Archery


         Code           A              B             C            D

          (a)             2               3             1             4 

          (b)            4                1             2             3

          (c)            2                1             3             4

          (d)            4                1             3             2


       (b)   [i] Who was the first law Minister of independent India ?

              [ii] With which field is the name of Adoor Gopala Krishnan associated ?


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