WBCS (Main)- 2010 History Paper- II Question Paper

                                                    WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE

                                                     EXAMINATION (Main) - 2010

                                                               (Optional Papers)

                                                                 History Paper II


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                Full Marks-100


  If the questions attempted are in excess of the prescribed number, only the questions attempted first up to the prescribed number shall be valued and the remaining ones ignored.

   Answers may he written either in English or in Bengali but all answers must he in one and the same language.  


                                                      All questions carry equal marks

                                                                    Group - A

                                                        Answer any three questions


1.   What is meant by crisi in feudalism ?   How did the feudal order collapse ?


2.   How did the English Civil War generate radical, social and political ideas ?


3.   How far were the philosophers responsible for the outbreak of the French revolution (1789 A.D.) ?


4.   Discuss the various reforms of Czar Alexander- II. Why is he called “the Czar liberator’ ?


5.   How did Bismarck unify Germany ?



                                                    Answer any two questions.


6.   How would you narrate the scientific revolution of 15th and 16th Centuries ?


7.   How far was the treaty of Versailles a ‘Peace Diktat” ?


8.  Was the World War-1 inevitable. ?