WBCS(Main)- 2006 Political Science Paper -I Question Paper

                                         WBCS EXAMINATION - 2006

                                         POLITICAL SCIENCE PAPER - I


  Time Allowed : 3 Hours                                                                               Full Marks .100



                                   Answer Question No.l and any two from the rest.


1.   Discuss Hegel’s veiws on the State.     20


2.   Explain Aristotle’s views on Slavery.    15


3.   Discuss Kautilya’s views on the Saptanga theory of the state.    15


4.   What is Satyagraha ?    Discuss Gandhi’s views on it.      5+10


5.   What is Sovereignty?  Discuss Austin’s theory of Sovereignty.



                                 Answer Question No.6 and any two from the rest.


6.    Explain fully the administrative relationship between the Union and States in India.    20


7.   Explain the meaning of Secular State. How far does the Indian Constitution establish such a State.      5+10


8.  What are the functions of the Union Council of Ministers ?   What is the relationship between the Counctt of Ministers and the President of India ?     5+10


9.   What is Money Bill ?   What is the special-procedure to be adopted in respect of Money Bills ?     8+7


10.   What is the position of the Governor of an Indian State ?    15