General Knowledge

General Knowledge  for W.B.C.S, State ,ESE, CSE, IAS, UPSC, NDA, RRBs, SCRA, MBA, MCA, BCA, BBA competitive exam, entrance tests, CDS, IES, Bank Probationary Officers (P.O./ T.O/ A.O), L.I.C, G.I.C(A.A.O), R.B.I. Grade ‘A’, Grade ‘B’ etc.

Doctrine of Buddhism

Doctrine of Buddhism :-

Gautam Buddha has prescribed the realisation of four Noble Truths or Aryasatyas:

these are the essence of Buddhism—

1. Life is full of sorrow (Dukha) : Sabbam Dukkam.

2. The sorrow is caused by desire of earthly things (Dukha Samudaya); Dwadash Nidan / Pratitya Samutpada,

3. This sorrow can be stopped (Dukha Nirodha) i.e. Nirvana.