NAND Gates

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NAND gate

Which is a combination of an AND gate and a NOT gate, and the name of this gate is taken from the names of those two gates.

Operation of NAND gate:

AND gate gives the output as 1 when all the inputs are 1 and at all the other times the output is 0.  NOT gate is to invert the incoming data. In case of NAND gate the NOT gate just inverts the output of the AND gate so the output of this gate is 1 at all the times except when both the inputs are 1, at that instant the output is zero. The symbol and truth table of the NAND gate are given below.




USE of NAND gate

NAND gate is one of the universal gates because any of the three basic gates can be obtained by it

NOT gate realization:  NOT gate made by NAND gate.




AND gate realization:

The above diagram shows an AND gate made from NAND gates.





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