Number System and Codes


Credits- 3


Science, Technology and Engineering as knowledge and as Social and Professional Activities
Effects of Technological Growth:
Rapid Technological growth and depletion of resources, Reports of the Club of Rome. Limits of growth:
sustainable development
Energy Crisis: Renewable Energy Resources
Environmental degradation and pollution. Eco-friendly Technologies. Environmental Regulations,
Environmental Ethics
Appropriate Technology Movement of Schumacher; later developments
Technology and developing notions. Problems of Technology transfer, Technology assessment impact
Human Operator in Engineering projects and industries. Problems of man, machine, interaction, Impact of
assembly line and automation. Human centered Technology.
Ethics of Profession:
Engineering profession: Ethical issues in Engineering practice, Conflicts between business demands and
professional ideals. Social and ethical responsibilities of Technologists. Codes of professional ethics.
Whistle blowing and beyond, Case studies.
Profession and Human Values:

Values Crisis in contemporary society
Nature of values: Value Spectrum of a good life
Psychological values: Integrated personality; mental health
Societal values: The modern search for a good society, justice, democracy, secularism, rule of law, values
in Indian Constitution.
Aesthetic values: Perception and enjoyment of beauty, simplicity, clarity
Moral and ethical values: Nature of moral judgements; canons of ethics; ethics of virtue; ethics of duty;
ethics of responsibility.
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3. A N Tripathi, Human values in the Engineering Profession, Monograph published by IIM, Calcutta