The Basic Gates

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Credit: 3

Concepts of Power plants of different types: Setups, energy conversions and measurement
requirements, examples of Thermal, Hydal, and Nuclear plants. Thermal power plant and
system instrumentation.
Instrumentation for :
(i) Turbines
(ii) Condensers
(iii) Generators
(iv) Coal handling
(v) Water treatment
(vi) Feed water, combustion air and flue gases
Boiler Control - Steam pressure control, combustion control, Furnace Draft control, Steam
temperature control, Feed water control, Data logger and computer control, supervisory
control and monitoring system.
Instrumentation for safety interlocks - protective gears, emergency measures, Alarm
systems and Analysis etc. Pollution measurement, monitoring and control.
Data handling-processing, logging, acquisition, accounting, display and storage.
Instrumentation for Generator and Busbar coupling.
Introduction to power plant modeling/simulation

Text Books:
1. Principles of Industrial Instrumentation, D. Patranabis, TMH New Delhi
Reference Books:
1. Electric Power Engineering Handbook – Edited by L. L. Grigsby.
2. Instrument Engineers Handbook, B. G. Liptak, Chilton Book Co., Philadelphia




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