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Credit: 3


Elements of communication system:
The elements of a communication system, origin of noise and its effect, importance of SNR
in system design.
Basic principle of linear (AM) modulation, Generation of AM waves, Demodulation of AM
Basic principle of nonlinear (FM, PM) modulation. Generation of FM waves.
Demodulation of FM waves.
Sampling theorem, sampling rate, impulse sampling, reconstruction from samples,
Analog pulse modulation-PAM (natural & flat topped sampling), PWM, PPM.
Basic concept of Pulse code modulation, Block diagram of PCM, Multiplexing-TDM,
Digital transmission:
Concept of Quantization & Quantization error, Uniform quantizer, Non-uniform quantizer,


A-law and

μ -law. Encoding, coding efficiency. Line coding & properties, NRZ & RZ,
AMI, Manchester coding, PCM, DPCM. Base band pulse transmission, Matched filter,
error rate due to noise, ISI, Raised cosine function, Nyquist criterion for distortion-less base
band binary transmission, Eye pattern, Signal power in binary digital signal.
Digital carrier modulation & demodulation technique:
Bit rate, Baud rate, Information capacity, Shanon’s limit, M-ary encoding, Introduction to
the different digital modulation techniques-ASK.FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, mention of 8
Introduction to QAM, basic of 8 QAM, 16 QAM.
Basic concept of Delta modulating, Adaptive delta modulation.
Introduction to the concept DPCM.
Basic concept of spread spectrum modulation.
Introduction to coding theory:
Introduction, News value & Information content, Entropy, Mutual information, Information
rate, Shanon-Fano algorithm for encoding, Shanon’s theorem- source coding theorem,
Channel coding theorem, Information capacity theorem.
Basic principle of Error control & coding.



Numerical problems to be solved in the class.
Text Books:
1. An Introduction to Analog and Digital communication, Simon Haykin, Wiely India.
2. Analog communication system, P. Chakrabarti, Dhanpat Rai & Co.
3. Principle of digital communication, P. Chakrabarti, Dhanpat Rai & Co.
4. Modern Digital and Analog Communication systems, B.P. Lathi, Oxford university press
Reference Books:
Digital and Analog communication Systems, Leon W Couch II, Pearson
Education Asia.
2. Communication Systems, A.B. Calson, Mc Graw Hill.


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