BCD to Decimal Decoders

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Introduction to Embedded systems:
Introduction – Features – Microprocessors – ALU - Von Neumann and Harvard
      Architecture -
      CISC and RISC - Instruction pipelining.
      Microcontroller: characteristics and Features, Overview
      and architectures of Atmel 89C52 and Microchip PIC16F877 and 18F452.
      Examples of embedded
      Systems: Bar-code scanner, Laser printer, Underground tank monitoring.

PIC Microcontroller:
PIC Microcontrollers: 16F877 Architecture and Instruction Set. External Interrupts, Timers,
timer, I/O port Expansion, analog-to-digital converter, UART, I2C and SPI Bus for
Peripheral Chips,
Accessories and special features
Software architecture and RTOS:
Software Architecture: Round Robin- Round Robin with interrupts -Function Queue.
Architecture RTOS: Architecture -Tasks and Task States -Tasks and Data -Semaphores and
Shared Data -
Message Queues -Mail Boxes and pipes -Timer Functions -Events -Memory Management
Basic design using a real time operating system:
Overview. General principles. Design of an embedded system.
Software development tools and debugging techniques:
Development Tool: Cross-Compiler, Cross-Assemblers, Linker/locator. PROM
Programmers, ROM
Emulator, In-Circuit Emulators. Debugging Techniques. Instruction set simulators. The
assert macro.
Testing using laboratory tools


Text Books:
1. Embedded Systems Architecture, Programming and Design, Ral KamalTMH, 2008.
2. An Embedded Software Primer, D.E. Simon. Pearson Education, 1999.
3. Design with PIC Microcontrollers, J.B. Peatman,Pearson Education, 1998

Reference Books:
1. Embedded Systems Design, Heath Steve, Second Edition-2003, Newnes,
2. Computers as Components; Principles of Embedded Computing System Design,
Wayne Wolf Harcourt India, Morgan Kaufman Publishers, First Indian Reprint.
3. Embedded Systems Design – A unified Hardware /Software Introduction, Frank
Vahid and Tony Givargis, John Wiley, 2002.




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