MCQ on General Science for WBCS/SSC/Misc Competitive Exam/etc -I

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1. With the increase of weather temperature the speed of sound :

    (a) increases       (b) decreases         (c) remains       (d) None of these

2. In which medium speed of sound would remain higher in the alternatives ?

    (a) vacuum         (b) air         (c) water        (d) None of these

3. Light of which colour has got highest velocity ?

    (a) Green         (b) red         (c) yellow        (d) blue

4. Which one is not required to produce German silver ?

    (a) copper         (b) zinc       (c) nickel       (d) tin

5. Philosopher's wool is produced through burning ?

    (a) silver        (b) Brass       (c) zinc      (d) cobalt

6. Who invented the process of breaking up the nucleus of an atom :

    (a) Mosley       (b) Dalton         (c) Rutherford        (d) None of these

7. Process of Antiseptic surgery was invented by :

    (a) Joseph Lister        (b) Robert Koch        (c) Paul Muller        (d) None

8. Radioactivity was discovered by :

    (a) Madam Marie Courie       (b) Henry Becquerel       (c) Ernest Rutherford       (d) None of these

9. Important source of Vitamin 'A' may be :

    (a) vegetables        (b) lemon        (c) meat       (d) rice

10. The source of solar energy is :

      (a) nuclear diffusion       (b) nuclear fission       (c) nuclear fusion        (d) None

11. Jet planes in the sky may be detected by Radar by using :

      (a) sound waves        (b) radio waves        (c) ultrasonic waves       (d) None

12. Food is digested in a human body mainly in the :

      (a) small intestine       (b) large intestine        (c) liver        (d) None of these

13. Chlorophyll containing unicellular plants are called ?

      (a) fungi       (b) algae       (c) weeds      (d) None of these

14. The velocity of sound per second in air at 0° Celsius temperature is around :

      (a) 300 metre       (b) 330 metre        (c) 350 metre       (d) 370 metre

15. Air bubbles are sent for deep water. At the close of surface of water the size of each bubble would become :

      (a) increased        (b) decreased        (c) of same size       (d) absent

16. Which one is not a compound ?

      (a) soap        (b) kerosene        (c) glucose        (d) petrol

17. Metal having density less than 1 is :

      (a) Graphite         (b) Sodium        (c) Aluminium        (d) None of these

18. If diamond is burnt at high heat then which would be produced

      (a) Sulfuric acid        (b) Sulphur        (c) Carbon-di-oxide        (d) None

19. When velocity of a body is made half, the kinetic energy becomes

      (a) double        (b) half        (c) one-fourth        (d) same as before

20. Which one is not an example of fossil fuel ?

      (a) coal        (b) natural gas        (c) petroleum        (d) charcoal

21. Petroleum gas is liquefied at:

      (a) High temperature and high pressure        (b) Low temperature and high pressure

      (c) High temperature and low pressure         (d) Low  temperature and low pressure

22. The main function of white blood corpuscles in a human body

      (a) carry oxygen         (b) carry nutrients        (c) combat infections        (d) None of these

23. Which one has not been correctly matched ?

      (a) Vitamin A : Retinol       (b) Vitamin E : Tecopherols

      (c) Vitamin K : Phytomenadine         (d) Vitamin B6 : Riboflavin

24. Vitamin B1 has got the chemical name of :

      (a) Thiamin       (b) Riboflavin        (c) Pyridoxine        (d) None of these

25. Circulation of blood in a human body takes assistance of :

      (a) arteries         (b) capillaries         (c) veins        (d) All of these

26. 'Urethra' in a human body is associated with :

      (a) Respiratory system       (b) Urinary system       (c) Grandular system       (d) None of these

27. Length of blood vessels in a normal adult human body is around

      (a) 1 thousand kms        (b) 10 thousand kms       (c) 50 thousand kms       (d) 1 lakh kms

28. In Blood the Red Blood Corpuscles of a human body is around

      (a) 35%        (b) 45%        (c) 55%       (d) 65%

29. Which organs of a human body provides instant energy ?

      (a) stomach        (b) liver       (c) cells      (d) pituitary gland

30. Most important organ of a human body is :

      (a) heart       (b) lungs        (c) pituitary gland       (d) liver

31. Which is produced in the stomach of a human body ?

      (a) glycogen       (b) enzyme        (c) hydrochloric acid       (d) None of these

32. In which year Human Jenome Project was launched in U.S.A

      (a) 1990        (b) 1992        (c) 1994       (c) 1996

33. Which group of plants are unicellular ?

      (a) Protista        (b) Plantae        (c) Fungi        (d) Animalia

34. First laws of planetary motion were published by :

      (a) Galileo        (b) Kepler        (c) Copernicus        (d) Newton

35. Most important element associated with the composition of the earth is :

      (a) Oxygen        (b) Magnesium         (c) Sulphur        (d) Iron

36. With which limb of a human body bone named 'Radius' is associated ?

      (a) Arm         (b) Leg        (c) Chest        (d) Neck

37. Which one of the following diseases is not caused by virus ?

      (a) measles       (b) rabies       (c) AIDS       (d) leprosy

38. Which disease is not caused by Bacteria :

      (a) tetanus         (b) pneumonia         (c) mumps        (d) diphtheria

39. The species of which group are facing extinction in largest number in this world ?

      (a) plants       (b) mammals        (c) reptiles        (d) fishes

40. Which one is not the name of a chemical weapon for genocide

      (a0 Mustard gas        (b) Sarin        (c) Hydrogen Cyanide        (d) Anthrax

41. How many pairs of ribs are there in the chest of a human body ?

      (a) 10        (b) 11        (c) 12        (d) 13

42. Longest bone in a human body is :

      (a) femur        (b) tibia         (c) radius        (d) humerous

43. Vitamin required for proper clotting of blood in a human body

      (a) Vitamin A       (b) Vitamin C      (c) Vitamin D       (d) Vitamin K

44. Which one has not been correctly matched ?

      (a) Gerontology : old age      (b) Hematology : blood       (c) Hyetology : rainfall      (d) Neurology : tissues

45. Study relating to insects is :

      (a) Entomology        (b) Mycology         (c) Cytology       (d) None of these

46. Study relating to the physical nature of heavenly bodies is :

      (a) Aeronauties        (b) Astronautics        (c) Astrophysics        (d) None of these

47. Practical unit of quantity of electricity is :

      (a) Watt        (b) Dyne       (c) Coulomb       (d) Joule

48. In which part of a human body the Adrenal glands are situated

      (a) Upper        (b) Middle        (c) Lower       (d) None of these

49. Astigmatism is a disease of the :

      (a) throat        (b) spinal cord        (c) lungs       (d) eyes

50. The lower chamber of the heart of a human body is known as

      (a) auricle        (b) ventricle         (c) caecum        (d) None of these

51. Schizophrenia disease is found to affect :

      (a) heart        (b) mind        (c) lungs       (d) None of these

52. Deuterium is also known as heavy :

      (a) Oxygen         (b) Nitrogen         (c) Hydrogen        (d) None of these

53. Graphite is an allotropic form of :

      (a) sulphur        (b) carbon        (c) zinc       (d) None of these

54. The main source of hydrogen for plants is :

      (a) air        (b) sunlight        (c) water       (d) soil

55. Lice are examples of :

      (a) Ectoparasite        (b) Endoparasite       (c) Insectivorous       (d) None

56. Aristotle is considered as the father of the subject of :

      (a) Chemistry        (b) Physics        (c) Biology       (d) None of these

57. Pure water may be obtained from sea water by the process of :

      (a) filtration        (b) distillation       (c) evaporation       (d) None of these

58. When a constant force is applied over a body then it moves with uniform :

      (a) speed        (b) velocity        (c) acceleration        (d) momentum

59. The Mediterranean climate is highly favourable for produc­tion of :

      (a) coffee         (b) rubber        (c) fruits       (d) tea

60. In which part of a human body there is the strongest muscle

      (a) Leg         (b) Neck       (c) Hand       (d) Shoulder

61. The name 'Chromosome' was coined by :

      (a) W. Flemming       (b) W. Waldeir        (c) Dupraw       (d) None of tin

62. In a human body out of total 23 pairs of Chromosome, sex chromosome remain :

      (a) 1 pair       (b) 2 pairs       (c) 3 pairs (d) Nom

63. Who authored the book 'Micrographis' and developed 'cell' concept :

      (a) Rovert Hook        (b) Leeuwenhock        (c) Vesalius        (d) None

64. One of the diseases transmitted by sex chromosome is :

      (a) Scurvy        (b) small pox        (c) colour blindness       (d) None of these

65. Dr. Hargovind Khorana got Nobel Prize for his contribution on

      (a) cells        (b) genes        (c) virus       (d) bacteria

66. Important cause of Heart attack for a person may be increased

      (a) blood protein        (b) blood sugar        (c) cholesterol       (d) blood urea

67. Heat for boiling point of mercury is around :

      (a) 280° C       (b) 320° C       (c) 360° C         (d) 440° C

68. Which help conduction of electricity :

      (a) Electron         (b) Proton          (c) Neutron        (d) None of these

69. Which one is not an example of organic acid :

      (a) citric        (b) lactic         (c) nitric        (d) acetic

70. The radius of which is highest ?

      (a) Electron         (b) proton        (c) neutron        (d) All are equal in radius

71. Atomic weight of any element is generally compared with the atomic weight of :

      (a) Oxygen        (b) Hydrogen        (c) Nitrogen        (d) None

72. What is the atomic weight of nitrogen :

      (a) 10       (b) 12       (c) 14       (d) 16

73. In a closed jar any quantity of gas remains in a system of :

      (a) concentration        (b) assimilation        (c) diffusion       (d) None of these

74. Normal piessure of gas is considered at a temperature of :

      (a) 0° Celsiusis       (b) 0° Fahrenheit        (c) 4° Celsius       (d) 100° Fahrenheit

75. Voltic Cell was invented by a scientist of :

      (a) USA        (b) Britain        (c) Germany        (d) Italy

76. A wire of same radius and length of which metal will have less resistance in the conduction of electricity ?

      (a) Copper        (b) Silver         (c) Aluminium         (d) Iron

77. Depending on the radius of wire electricity conduction would increase of decrease in the relationship of :

      (a) same number        (b) square number        (c) cube number       (d) None

78. In a wire having 3 folds radius electricity conduction will be

      (a) 3 times        (b) 6 times        (c) 9 times        (d) 27 times

79. Which one is not a fundamental quantity in physics ?

      (a) length         (b) time        (c) mass       (d) force

80. Unit of astronomical distance is :

      (a) kilometer         (b) fermi        (c) nautical mile       (d) light year

81. Nuclear size is expressed in unit of:

      (a) newton        (b) angstrom         (c) fermi         (d) molecule

82. Time period of revolution of a geostationary satellite is :

       (a) 12 hours        (b) 1 day        (c) 7 days       (d) 1 year

83. A hot metal ball is to lose heat by means of :

      (a) conduction        (b) convenction        (c) radiation       (d) All of these

84. Hygrometer is used to measure :

      (a) relative density         (b) relative humidity         (c) relative purity      (d) acceleration due to gravity

85. An air bubble under water shines brightly due to :

      (a) dispersion        (b) refraction        (c) diffraction        (d) total internal reflection

86. Which has the longest wavelength ?

      (a) X-rays       (b) microwaves        (c) radio waves       (d) ultraviolet raysa

87. An air bubble in water is found to work as a :

      (a) Convex mirror         (b) convex lens      (c) concave mirror       (d) concave lens

88. During total solar eclipse which part of the sun is visible ?

      (a) chromosphere        (b) photosphere        (c) corona        (d) None of these

89. To an astronaut the outer space appears :

      (a) white       (b) crimson       (c) black      (d) blue

90. Technique of taking three dimensional images of objects is :

      (a) audiography       (b) holography        (c) lexicography       (d) None

91. Which one determines the pitch of sound ?

      (a) frequency       (b) amplitude       (c) speed       (d) wavelength

92. Most suitable metal for making electromagnet is :

      (a) steel        (b) nickel        (c) cobalt       (d) soft iron

93. Which one is a non magnetic metal :

      (a) iron       (b) nickel        (c) cobalt        (d) brass

94. A rectifier is used for :

      (a) generating electricity       (b) regulating current

      (c) converting DC into AC     (d) converting AC into DC current

95. Substance used for vulcanizing rubber is :

      (a) zinc oxide       (b) sulphur        (c) ammonium       (d) nitric acid

96. Bones of a human body are made of compounds of :

      (a) calcium and phosphorus       (b) sodium and calcium       (c) calcium und nitrogen       (d) calcium and iron

97. Poppy plant is a source of :

      (a) aspirin       (b) morphine        (c) penicillin       (d) quinine

98. Petroleum oil is an example of :

      (a) element       (b) compound       (c) mixture      (d) none of these

99. Vitamin used as an anti beriberi drug is :

      (a) Vitamin A         (b) Vitamin B        (c) Vitamin C        (d) Vitamin D

100. To convert liquid oil into solid fat the oil is :

        (a) oxidized        (b) hydrogenated        (c) methane       (d) acetylene

101. The most abundant element in air of the atmosphere is :

        (a) Oxygen       (b) Nitrogen      (c) Carben- di-oxide    (d) None.

102. The most abundant metal in the crust of the earth is:

        (a) Iron       (b) Aluminium       (c) Copper       (d) None of these.

103. Living objects (animals etc.) need food to obtain:

        (a) oxygen      (b) Vitamins      (c) Energy      (d) None of these.

104. Mitochondria in a human body help to:

        (a) produce energy       (b) synthesize proteins       (c) digest      (d) None.

105. The length of 12 inches (or 1 foot) is equal to :(Approx).

        (a) 0.2848 metre       (b) 0.2932 metre       (c) 0.3048 metre        (d) None.

106. The speed of light in vacuum per second is approximately:

        (a) 3 x105 kms        (b) 2 x 84 kms       (c) 106 kms       (d) None of these

107. One square metre is equal to:

        (a) 9.84 sq. ft       (b) 10.76 sq. ft       (c) 11.44 sq. ft        (d) None.

108. Which one of the following is an example of electrical power being turned into mechanical power:

        (a) calling Bell       (b) Table Fan      (c) Dynamo      (d) None.

109. A person can jump 2 ft high on earth, how far high he can jump on the surface of the moon ?

        (a) 2 ft      (b) 4 ft       (c) 8 ft       (d) 12 ft.

110. The number of bones in a normal human body is:

        (a) 106       (b) 184       (c) 206       (d) 306.

111. Pressure cooker can cook quicker because of higher inside :

        (a) Pressure       (b) Heat       (c) movement       (d) None of these.

112. The unit of Force in F.P.S. system is :

        (a) Dyna        (b) Poundal        (c) Newton        (d) None of these.

113. The largest organ in the human body is :

        (a) heart       (b) Liver       (c) brain        (d) kidney.

114. The strongest muscle in a human body is found in :

        (a) Arm        (b) Thigh       (c) neck       (d) jaw.

115. White Blood Corpuscle (WBC) is produced in :

        (a) Lungs      (b) Heart      (c) Bone Marrow       (d) Spleen

116. Around what fraction of the body weight in a human body is the weight of blood in that body :

        (a) 1/8        (b) 1/10        (c) 1/12       (d) None of these

117. The organ which coordinates the different functions in body :

        (a) Heart        (b) lungs       (c) Brain       (d) None of these

118. Gastric Juice in a human body is supplied by the :

        (a) Stomach        (b) Pancreas        (c) Liver      (d) None of these

119. Which one of the following blood group is Universal donor ?

        (a) A       (b) AB       (c) B      (d) O

120. The number of Vertebrae in the backbone of a human body is :

        (a) 21        (b) 26        (c) 33        (d) 42

121. Which one of the following is capable to change shape ?

        (a) Bacteria         (b) Protozoa        (c) Amoeba        (d) None of these

122. In a non-ventilated room a charcoal fire is found to bring :

        (a) Carbon-di-oxide       (b) Carbon-monoxide       (c) Hydrogen        (d) None

123. Which one of following is not necessary for Stainless Steel :

        (a) Iron         (b) Chromium         (c) Nickel         (d) Mica

124. The Theory of Evolution was developed by :

        (a) Darwin       (b) Mendel       (c) Newton      (d) Freud

125. How many pairs of Chromosomes are there in a human cell ?

        (a) 12       (b) 19        (c) 23         (d) 46

126. The growth in a human body is controlled by the :

        (a) Chromosomes       (b) Hormones       (c) Muscle       (d) None of these

127. Which one of the following is not an example of Infectious disease ?

        (a) Tuberculosis       (b) Cholera        (c) Small pox       (d) Arthritis

128. Which one of the following is not a cold blooded

        (a) snake        (b) Fish       (c) Rat       (d) None of these

129. Which one is considered as the 'power house of cell' in a body ?

        (a) Mitochondria       (b) Cytoplasm       (c) Protoplasm       (d) None

130. DNA remaining in the body of an animal is considered as :

        (a) Cells       (b) Chemical acids        (c) living organism        (d) None of these

131. The main part of a human brain is :

        (a) Cerebrum        (b) Medulla        (c) Thalamus       (d) None of these

132. Which type of Nerve help a person to take scent ?

        (a) Trochlear       (b) olfactory        (c) facial        (d) None of these

133. A person suffering from 'Myopia' can not clearly see the things remaining ......... in a proper manner ?

        (a) near       (b) afar       (c) below        (d) None of these

134. Growth Hormone or S.T.H. is secreted from .......... gland ?

        (a) Pituitary        (b) Adrenal        (c) Thyroid       (d) None of these

135. In which case growth occurs during the whole life time ?

        (a) Animals       (b) Insects       (c) Plants       (d) None of these

136. Comparative size of head in a human body is bigger among :

        (a) Babies       (b) Young Persons        (c) Old persons        (d) None of these

137. Comparative number of heart-beats is more among ?

        (a) Babies       (b) youngmen       (c) old men        (d) None of these

138. Which one is a medicine for persons suffering from night blindness ?

        (a) Vitamin A        (b) Vitamin B        (c) Vitamin D       (d) Iodine

139. Halophytes group of trees grow quickly in :

        (a) Black soil       (b) Red soil        (c) salted soil       (d) None of these

140. Power supplied by Dry Cell Battery is an example of :

        (a) Mechanical Power       (b) Chemical power        (c) Solar power       (d) None of these

141. A normal adult person respires around ........ times per minute :

        (a) 15       (b) 20        (c) 25       (d) 30

142. Which of the following is not a constituent of food ?

        (a) Vitamins        (b) Proteins         (c) Minerals        (d) Hormones

143. To maintain survival a person is required to take some :

        (a) Proteins         (b) Fats         (c) Carbohydrates        (d) None of these

144. The most important function of food in a human body is to :

        (a) satisfy hunger        (b) generate energy        (c) provide minerals       (d) None of these

145. Which one of the following has not been correctly matched ?

        (a) Glucose : Carbohydrates        (b) Butter : Fats      (c) Orange : Vitamin C       (d) Mineral Salt : Hormones

146. Which one occurs through Chemical change :

        (a) boiling of water       (b) melting of sulphur      (c) rusting of iron       (d) None of these

147. Which one is neither an element nor a compound ?

        (a) Gold        (b) water       (c) Air      (d) None of these

148. The percentage of oxygen in pure water is around :

        (a) 15%      (b) 50%      (c) 75%       (d) 88%

149. Which one is the hardest form of Carbon ?

        (a) Coke       (b) Graphite       (c) Diamond      (d) None of these

150. Raw materials used to manufacture Portland Cement are mainly

        (a) Limestone & Gypsum      (b) Limestone, clay and gypsum      (c) Clay & Limestone      (d) Clay and gypsum

151. Galvanization on iron instruments is done by using ?

        (a) Zinc       (b) nickel        (c) chromium      (d) None of these

152. Which one of the following is Potassium Carbonate ?

        (a) KCO3         (b) KCIO3        (c) CaCO3       (d) H2O2

153. Which one of the following is Nitric Acid

        (a) NaCl        (b) CaCO3        (c) NaCl2       (d) HNO3

154. Which one of the following has not been correctly matched ?

        (a) Frequency : Hertz        (b) Pressure : Pascal       (c) Electric resistance : Volt       (d) None of these

155. Which one has not been correctly matched in Roman system :

        (a) 50=L      (b) 100=C       (c) 500=E       (d) 1000=M

156. When it is noon in India the time in Kualalumpur is 2 P.M. The longitude for time at Kualalumpur is :

        (a)100° E      (b) 125°E       (c) 112.5° E        (d) 120° E

157. Which one of the following is not correctly matching ?

        (a) Circulation of blood : William Harvey       (b) Vaccination : Edward Jenner

        (c) Rabies Vaccine : Louis Pasteur         (d) Streptomycin : Alexander Fleming

158. Which one was invented at the earliest ?

        (a) Printing Press        (b) Spectacles       (c) Safety pin        (d) Microscope

159. Which one has not been correctly matched regarding the country of origin of the Scientists ?

        (a) Thomas Alva Edison : USA        (b) Alexander Graham Bell : Brit­ain

        (c) Louis Pasteur : France        (d) Galileo Galilei : Italy

160. Which one has not been correctly matched ?

        (a) Spinning Frame : Richard Arkwright         (b) X-ray : W.K.Roentzen

        (c) Guided Missile : W.V.Braun       (d) Safety Match : C.Gallette

161. In cloning process which animal was produced at earliest ?

        (a) Rat        (b) Cat         (c) Sheep        (d) Horse.

162. The subjecl of Genetic Engineering has been applied widely and successfully in the production of :

        (a) Crops        (b) Animals        (c) Chemicals       (d) None of these

163. Which one is not a water soluble vitamin ?

        (a) Vitamin A        (b) Vitamin B        (c) Vitamin C       (d) None of these

164. Around what percentage of a human body is Minerals ?

        (a) 4%        (b) 6%        (c) 8%         (d) 10%

165. Around what percentage of a body weight is water in a human

        (a) 50%         (b) 60%        (c) 70%        (d) 80%

166. Deficiency of which Vitamin may bring anaemia, fatigue etc.

        (a) B2       (b) B6       (c) B12      (d) None of these.

167. In a balance diet which one is to remain in highest weight ?

        (a) Cereals       (b) Vegetables        (c) Milk      (d) Meat/fish

168. Which one of the following species are human beings ?

        (a) Pipiens        (b) Gairdneril       (c) Sapiens       (d) None of these

169. With the passage of time sea water level has been :

        (a) lowering       (b) rising        (c) remaining the same       (d) None of these.

170. What percentage of total water of the Hydrosphere is found to remain within inland water sources like river, ponds, glaciers, underground water etc.

        (a) 3%        (b) 6%       (c) 10%        (d) 20%.

171. In which year first Spaceship was sent towards the Space ?

        (a) 1955        (b) 1957        (c) 1961       (d) 1963.

172. In which year Rakesh Sharma of India travelled in Space ?

        (a) 1969        (b) 1978        (c) 1984       (d) None of these

173. Which one of the following is the name of a spaceship ?

        (a) Skylab        (b) Mir        (c) Challenger       (d) None of these

174. in which spaceship India born Kalpana Chawla travelled ?

        (a) Atlantis         (b) Columbia        (c) Gemini        (d) None of these

175. Which one is not associated with Nervus system in a body ?

        (a) brain        (b) spinal cord        (c) veins        (d) trachea

176. Which one of the following nations has got lowest infant mortality (among the alternatives) :

        (a) Cambodia         (b) Singapore         (c) India       (d) U.S.A.

177. In protein systhesis in human body DNA is assisted by :

        (a) Cromosomes       (b) Hormones       (c) RNA       (d) None of these.

178. In Clone process a cell of a male animal can produce only :

        (a) Only male baby         (b) Only female baby      (c) Either of male or female baby      (d) None of these

179. Digital calculator was invented by

        (a) Balaise Pascall       (b) John Napier       (c) IBM       (d) None of these.

180. The programmes associated to run a computer is known as :

        (a) Language        (b) Hardwares        (c) Software      (d) None of these

181. 'B' of the abbreviation 'BASIC refers to :

        (a) Base     (b) Beginners      (c) Business     (d) None of these.

182. WWW or W3 is associated with the use of :

        (a) Telephone        (b) Telex       (c) Fax      (d) Internet

183. The Super computer developed by Indian engineers is :

        (a) Arjun        (b) Shakti        (c) Param        (d) None of these

184. Which one of the following is the name of Computer Software used to destroy computer system of others ?

        (a) Viruses        (b) Worms        (c) Logic bombs        (d) All of these

185. Which company developed Computer Software named Window Series ?

        (a) IBM       (b) Microsoft       (c) Apple       (d) None

186. Superconductivity, if developed potentially, can help to reduce cost of connection of :

        (a) Airways        (b) Roadways       (c) Electricity       (d) None of these.

187. Which temperature is considered as 'Absolute Zero' ?

        (a) 1000° C        (b) -100° C        (c) - 273° C      (d) None of these

188. A temperature of 40° Celsius is equal to :

        (a) 60° F       (b) 96° F       (c) 104° F       (d) None of these

189. At whIch temperature the reading in Celsius and Fahrenheit Scale is the same :

        (a) -10°        (b) -20°       (c) -30°        (d) -40°

190. Gold weighing 100 Tolas is equal to :

        (a) 1000 grams       (b) 1050 grams       (c) 1100 grams       (d) 1166 grams

191. Which one of the following has not been correctly matched ?

        (a) Agrostology : study of grasses       (b) Anemology : Studies relating to wind

        (c) Metrology : Studies of atmosphere      (d) Ethology : Studies relating to animal behaviour.

192. Toxicology is a subject of studies relating to :

        (a) Poisons        (b) Viruses         (c) Birds        (d) None of these

193. The subject relating to studies of Fossils is :

        (a) Paleobotany         (b) Paleontology        (c) Pedology        (d) None of these

194. The studies relating to fungi and fungus diseases is known as

        (a) Mycology        (b) Phycology        (c) Nosology       (d) Cytology

195. A Doctor associated with treatment of patients suffering from ailments of hearts should be an expert jn :

        (a) Cartography        (b) Cosmogony       (c) Etymology        (d) Cardiology

196. Which one is used to measure diameter of Wire, tube, rod etc.

        (a) Gravimeter        (b) Cryometer        (c) Calliper       (d) None

197. Which one is used to measure velocity and direction of wind ?

        (a) Altimeter        (b) Anemometer        (c) Atmometer        (d) None of these

198. Which one has not been correctly matched ?

        (a) Pyrheliometer : Solar radiations        (b) Pyrometer : High Temperature

        (c) Photometer : Luminous intensity      (d) All correct

199. Which one is used to measure humidity of atmosphere ?

        (a) Hygrometer        (b) Colorimeter        (c) Calorimeter        (d) Manometer

200. Which one is used by Doctor to measure strength of pulse ?

        (a) Spygmomanometer       (b) Spygmometer       (c) Stethoscope       (d) None of these


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