Filling up blank with suitable word/words

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[Question No. 1 to 25] :

Choose the suitable word/words for the blank space.

1.  He ____ the killing of his father.

     (a) avenged      (b) revenged      (c) acclaimed     (d) reclaimed

2.  He has not read ____ of these three books.

     (a) either     (b) neither     (c) any    (d) none

3.  Let the door ____ for them. 

     (a) open      (b) opened      (c) be opened      (d) is opened

4.  Ancient India had many ____ writers. 

     (a) ballot      (b) ballad     (c) ballet      (d) bullet

5.  The importer had to pay ____ duties. 

     (a) excise     (b) custom      (c) estate     (d) shipment

6.  Prisoners were ____ in an island.

     (a) deputed      (b) departed     (c) deported      (d) dropped

7.  He is to maintain four ____ .

     (a) dependents     (b) followers      (c) dependants     (d) disciples.

8.  The landlord purchased a big ____ .

     (a) state      (b) estate      (c) empire      (d) properties

9.  The sudden ____ of the volcano killed many persons.

     (a) irruption     (b) eruption     (c) brust      (d) burst

10.  Indians should have ____ living habit.

      (a) economics     (b) economical     (c) economise     (d) economic

11.  India is an importer of ____ oils.

      (a) edible    (b) ediable     (c) eatable      (d) none of these.

12.  Aeroplanes are kept inside a ____ . 

       (a) garage     (b) hanger     (c) hunger     (d) hangar

13.  The patient ____ before the doctor came.

       (a) died     (b) had died     (c) was died     (d) did die 

14.  The boy ____ suffering from fever since Monday.

       (a) is    (b) has     (c) was     (d) has been

15.  I  mind ____ late in the meeting.

       (a) him come     (b) his come    (c) his coming     (d) him coming

16.  He decided to ____ his properties.

       (a) Assure    (b) Insure   (c) Ensure     (d) Procure

17.  The judgement was highly ____ .

       (a) judicious      (b) judicial      (c) legal     (d) logical

18.  A ____ robber was arrested yesterday.

       (a) noted      (b) famous     (c) reputed     (d) notorious

19.  ____ countries of Europe are developed.

       (a) Oriental      (b) Educated     (c) Occidental      (d) Industrious

20.  I ____ your letter yesterday.

       (a) have received      (b) had received     (c) received     (d) did received

21.  Police decided to protect ____  areas .

       (a) sensible      (b) sensual      (c) sensitive     (d) savage

22.  Law students should study ____ books.

       (a) statue      (b) statute     (c) legal     (d) procedure

23.  Mr. Sen lives in a decorated ____ .

       (a) suit      (b) estate     (c) suite     (d) mason

24.  ____ people are liked by all. 

       (a) urban     (b) urbane     (c) civilian    (d) civic

25.  Though tired, ____  he continued to work.

       (a) yet   (b) but    (c) so     (d) did


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