Preposition [ অব্যয় ]

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[ Question No. 1 to 25 ] :

Choose the suitable preposition for the blank space.

1.   I was astonished ____ his conduct.

      (a) for     (b) with     (c) at     (d) on

2.   Distribute the sweets ____ the boys.

      (a) for    (b) with     (c) among     (d) to

3.  The nurse looked ____ the patient.

      (a) at     (b) to     (c) after     (d) on

4.   He started a quotation ____ Shakespeare.

      (a) at     (b) from     (c) with    (d) for

5.   Poverty results ____  laziness.

      (a) for     (b) from     (c) in    (d) to

6.   The boy was suffering ____ fever.

      (a) in      (b) from      (c) with      (d) by

7.   You should abstain ____  such acts.

      (a) from      (b) by    (c) for    (d) with

8.   Everybody is zealous ____ liberty.

      (a) with     (b) to     (c) at     (c) for

9.   The tired man sat ____ shade of a free. 

      (a) under     (b) in     (c) with    (d) at

10.  Mr. Sen is rich ____ wealth.

      (a) of    (b) by    (c) in     (d) for

11. The teacher spoke ____ the subject.

      (a) about     (b) in    (c) by    (d) on

12.  The student was confident ____  success.

       (a) for    (b) wish      (c) of    (d) at

13.  People must be tolerant ____ opposition.

       (a) for     (b) of     (c) after     (d) with

14.  The blow was fatal ____ the old man.

       (a) at     (b) to     (c) with     (d) for

15.  The servant was loyal ____ his master.

       (a) with     (b) to    (c) by     (d) at

16.  There is no exception ____ this rule.

       (a) from       (b) to    (c) beyond    (d) with

17.  Your answer is not relevant ____ the question .

       (a) to    (b) at    (c) with    (d) for

18.  He is blind ____ the faults of his son.

       (a) at     (b) of     (c) to      (d) with

19.  The sons quarrelled ____ one another.

       (a) among     (b) between     (c) with     (d) at

20.  He was not satisfied ____ his job.

       (a) in     (b) with      (c) at    (d) by

21.  Mr. Roy in endowed ____ many qualities.

       (a) with      (b) by    (c) at     (d) to

22.  The snake was killed ____ a stick.

       (a) by     (b) with     (c) against     (d) at

23.  He impressed the idea ____ the students.

       (a) upon     (b) with     (c) on     (d) at

24.  Having the toy the child jumped ____  joy.

       (a) in     (b) at      (c) for     (d) with

25.  He entrusted me ____  lot of money.

       (a) to    (b) with     (c) for     (d) upon



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