MCQ on General Science for WBCS/SSC/Misc Competitive Exam/etc -II

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Question for Practice on General Science

1. Diametre of the moon in relation to that of the earth is around

    (a) One-half        (b) One-third        (c) One-fourth        (d) One-sixth

2. Which one is used to alter AC current to DC current ?

    (a) Reactor        (b) Rectifier       (c) Dynamo        (d) None of these

3. Which is popularly known as 'Dry Ice' ?

    (a) Solid Carbon-di-oxide        (b) Solid Hydrogen       (c) Solid Methene        (d) None of these

4. Which one is not the symbol of the concerned element ?

    (a) Copper : Cu       (b) Gold : Au       (c) Iron : Fe       (d) Silver : Si

5. Which one of the symbol for 'Tin' ?

    (a) Sn       (b) Xn       (c) Pb        (d) Ti

6. Which one has not been correctly matched ?

    (a) Laughing Gas : Nitrous Oxide       (b) Water : Hydrogen Oxide

    (c) Plaster of Paris : Calcium Sulphate       (d) Washing Soda : Sodium Chloride

7. On which planet Spaceship from the Earth has already reached ?

    (a) Jupiter        (b) Venus        (c) Mars        (d) None of these

8. Maximum limit beyond which a person can become deal is

    (a) 60 db        (b) 80db        (c) 100db       (d) 120 db

9. Safety fuse wire used in domestic electrical appliances is made of wire of metal of :

    (a) Low resistance       (b) Low melting point        (c) High melting point       (d) None of these

10. A piece of stone thrown horizontally from a height will have its path as

      (a) horizontal       (b) vertical        (c) Circular        (d) Curve

11. In a compound the proportions of constituents is found to remain

      (a) always fixed         (b) sometimes fixed         (c) never fixed        (d) None of these

12. Which one of the following remain present in 'Vinegar' ?

      (a) Ascorbic acid         (b) Nitric acid         (c) Acetic acid        (d) None of these

13. The metal known as 'Brass' is an alloy of :

      (a) Copper and Tin        (b) Copper and Zinc        (d) Zinc and Silver        (d) Copper, zinc and silver

14. Which type of food is produced directly by Photosynthesis ?

      (a) Protein         (b) Carbohydrates         (c) Glucose         (d) Vitamin

15. In producing Oxygen, manganese dioxide plays the role of :

      (a) reducing agent        (b) oxidizing agent        (c) catalyst        (d) None

16. Which one is not essentially required to produce gun-power ?

      (a) charcoal         (b) sulphur         (c) Potassium nitrate        (d) Sodium Nitrate

17. The disease 'Small pox' is caused by :

      (a) bacteria        (b) virus        (c) fungus         (d) None of these

18. Fishes breathe through using their :

      (a) fins        (b) skin        (c) gill        (d) vacuole

19. If an object is kept between two mirrors facing each other then the images of the object will be : (Mirrors not parallel)

      (a) One        (b) Two        (c) numerous        (d) None of these

20. The angle of the latitude on the North pole is :

      (a) 0°        (b) 45° N        (c) 90° N        (d) 180° N

21. A solid ball of which one of the following metals will not float on mercury ?

      (a) Aluminium        (b) Iron        (c) Tin        (d) Gold

22. Chemical name of 'muriatic acid' is :

      (a) sulphuric acid         (b) Nitric acid         (c) hydrochloric acid        (d) Acetic acid.

23. Nicotine is found in the leaves of :

      (a) Tobacco        (b) Tea        (c) Coffee        (d) None of these

24. Gene is found to remain present in a human being inside ?

      (a) Blood        (b) Lungs       (c) Chromosome        (d) Cell Wall

25. Hit required to make 5 gram of 0°C water to boil at normal pressure:

      (a) 100 calorie       (b) 250 calorie       (c) 500 calorie       (d) None of these

26. Energy which a body has on account of its motion is called :

      (a) Heat energy       (b) Kinetic energy       (c) Potential energy       (d) None

27. Which one is not an element ?

      (a) Oxygen       (b) Silicon        (c) Carbon        (d) Marble

28. Gas remaining inside coal field is :

      (a) coal gas        (b) hydrogen         (c) methane       (d) acetylene

29. The conversion of milk to curd is aided by :

      (a) acid         (b) alkali         (c) micro-organism       (d) fungus

30. Iron alloy found to crack easily is :

      (a) mild steel        (b) stainless steel        (c) cast iron        (d) wrought iron

31. An alloy of metal with mercury is :

      (a) metalloid        (b) amalgam        (c) permalloy        (d) None of these

32. The mass number of a nucleus is :

      (a) always less than its atomic number

      (b) always more than the atomic weight

      (c) sum of the number of protons and neutron present in the nucleus

      (d) None of these

33. Nuclear reaction involved in atom bomb is :

      (a) fusion        (b) fission        (c) diffusion        (d) None of these

34. In the sun the energy source is :

      (a) lithium        (b) helium        (c) hydrogen        (d) carbon

35. Which one is not 'Green House' gas ?

      (a) carbon dioxide       (b) carbon monoxide        (c) methane       (d) ammonia

36. Molecular motion in gases is :

      (a) random        (b) orderly        (c) one directional        (d) two directional

37. Substance released by an endoctrine gland is :

      (a) protein         (b) hormone         (c) vitamin        (d) enzyme

38. Insulin, a protein hormone in a human body is secreted by :

      (a) stomach        (b) liver        (c) pancreas        (d) gall bladder

39. Protein hormone is made of :

      (a) glucose        (b) amino acid       (c) fructose        (d) None of these

40. Baking soda is :

      (a) potassium chloride       (b) potassium hydroxide       (c) sodium bicarbonate       (d) None of these

41. Ringworm, an infection on the skin is a :

      (a) fungal infection       (b) viral infection       (c) bacterial infection        (d) None

42. A gland near neck which control growth of human body is :

      (a) pituitary        (b) adrenal         (c) thyroid       (d) None of these

43. Antibiotic used for treatment of tuberculosis is :

      (a) penicillin       (b) streptomycin        (c) terramycin        (d) None of these

44. Which type of a disease 'influenza' or 'flu' is :

      (a) viral       (b) hereditary       (c) bacterial        (d) fungal

45. Hereditary material in all living organism is :

      (a) Dexyribose Nucleic Acid (DNA)     (b) Ribose Nucleic Acid     (c) Both DNA and RNA      (d) None of these

46. The study relating to lives in outer space is :

      (a) aerobiology         (b) palaeobiology       (c) exobiology        (d) None of these

47. Stars seen on naked eyes belong to :

      (a) Nebula       (b) Milky way       (c) Constellation        (d) None of these

48. Highly concentrate source of energy in a human body is :

      carbohydrates        (b) fat's        (c) proteins        (d) vitamins

49. Cholesterol is mainly composed of :

      (a) proteins        (b) vitamins       (c) lipids       (d) carbohydrates

50. Blood sugar in a human body is mainly :

      (a) glucose       (b) lactose       (c) fructose       (d) maltose

51. Function of protein in a human body :

      (a) build connective tissues        (b) transport oxygen in blood

      (c) catalyze biological reaction        (d) All of these

52. In a human body oxygen is transported in blood by :

      (a) myoglobin        (b) haemoglobin        (c) keratin        (d) albumin

53. The molecule in a living being which can replicate itself is :

      (a) DNA        (b) RNA        (c) Both DNA and RNA         (d) Neither DNA nor RNA

54. Protein found abundantly in eggs is :

      (a) haemoglobin         (b) keratin         (c) albumin       (d) collagen

55. An early stage of cancer in a human body may be checked by

      (a) radiotherapy       (b) chemotherapy        (c) surgery        (d) All of these

56. Amoeba moves with the aid of :

      (a) legs        (b) cilia        (c) flagella        (d) pseudopodia

57. The name 'nature's ploughman' is given to :

      (a) cattle         (b) cow        (c) earthworm        (d) None of these

58. 'Ear' is considered absent among :

      (a) frogs        (b) birds         (c) fishes    (d) None of these

59. Whales found to live in seas and oceans are :

      (a) fishes         (b) reptiles         (c) arthopods         (d) mammals

60. Major part of the demands of energy in the present world is met by

      (a) hydropower        (b) solar power       (c) nuclear power       (d) fossil fuel

61. Atmospheric pollutants are found to remain present mainly in

      (a) troposphere       (b) stratosphere       (c) mesosphere       (d) ionosphen

62. Ozone layer maintained in proper nature could restrict :

      (a) infrared radiation        (b) ultraviolet radiation       (c) x-rays and gamma rays       (d) None of these

63. Important cause of global warming is discharge of :

      (a) ozone        (b) methane        (c) nitrogen oxide        (d) chlorofluorocarbons

64. Largest potential of non-conventional energy may be found in :

      (a) wind power       (b) water power       (c) solar power       (d) biomass power

65. 'CAD' programme in computer is associated with :

      (a) pictures        (b) designs        (c) page making       (d) calculation

66. 'DTP' programme is highly helpful for :

      (a) offices       (b) accounting        (c) publishers        (d) designers

67. To improve computer functioning initial research activities were done mostly by :

      (a) Microsoft        (b) IBM       (c) Cambridge University       (d) None of these

68. How many digits are associated with Binary code in computer system :

      (a) 10        (b) 5      (c) 4       (d) 2

69. 'Bit' an abbreviation of binary digit may be :

      (a) Any one from 1 to 9       (b) Any one from 0 and 1      (c) Any one from 1 to 5      (d) None of these

70. Computer chips are mainly made of :

      (a) silicon         (b) plastic        (c) zinc        (d) None of these

71. The stored memory of which can not be changed in normal computer operation  ?

      (a) RAM       (b) ROM        (c) DRAM        (d) None

72. By which company personal computer named 'Macintosh' was marketed in 1984 ?

      (a) IBM       (b) Apple        (c) Microsoft       (d) Samsung

73. 'Silicon Valley' an important computer related manufacturing zone is in:

      (a) USA        (b) Britain        (c) France       (d) None of these

74. Country having highest volume of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs in the present world is :

      (a) USA         (b) China        (c) India        (d) None of these

75. On which information can not be written by the computer operator ?

      (a) ROM        (b) RAM        (c) CD       (d) None of these

76. Around how many Bytes may be there within a 'Megabyte'

      (a) 1 thousand        (b) 1 lakh       (c) 10 lakh       (d) 1 crore

77. In Binary system 15 is coded as :

      (a) 101        (b) 111        (c) 1111       (d) 1100

78. In computer system 'pixels' refer to :

      (a) lines         (b) dots        (c) letters       (d) bits

79. The most commonly used High Density (HD) floppy diskette in modern computer has got radius of :

      (a) 2.5 inches         (b) 3 inches        (c) 3.5 inches        (d) 4 inches

80. 'Nichrome' wire used in electric heater has got no mixture of

      (a) nickel         (b) chromium         (c) iron       (d) copper

81. In electric calender the burning wire is kept inside a bag made of :

      (a) silicon         (b) mica         (d) fibre glass       (d) None

82. The density of air in relation to the density of hydrogen is :

      (a) 8.6 times         (b) 10.2 times        (c) 12.8 times        (d) 14.4 times

83. Phosphoric acid is :

      (a) Monobasic       (b) dibasic       (c) tribasic       (d) None of these

84. Scientist Sandwick discovered :

      (a) Electron        (b) Proton        (c) Neutron      (d) None of these

85. Oxygen may be converted into Solid state at a temperature of

      (a) -183° C       (b) - 219° C       (c) - 273° C      (d) None of these

86. Water mixture of which is not an electrolyte ?

      (a) salt        (b) sugar         (c) Caustic soda        (d) Copper sulphate

87. X-ray can not penetrate through :

      (a) wood        (b) aluminium        (c) lead       (d) None of these



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