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Chemical Process Technology – II

Paper Code: CHE 602


Module I:
Oils & Fats: Methods of extracting vegetable oils (Process Description and Flow sheet). Hydrogenation of oils (Process description & flow sheet) and major engineering problems.


Soaps, Detergents & Glycerin: Classification of cleansing compounds, uses, Methods of soap production, Methods of detergent manufacture, Methods of production of Glycerin. Process description & flow sheet of each process.


Module II:
Sugar and starch industries: Manufacturing process with flow diagram, Sugar refining, manufacturing process of starch and their different by-products.
Fermentation industries: Industrial Alcohol, Absolute Alcohol; their production process with flow diagram.
Agrichemical industries: Pesticides: Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides– Varieties of insecticides and methods of preparation and uses, Classification of herbicides and methods of preparation, DDT manufacturing process and flow sheet.


Module III:
Unit operation in organic synthesis: nitration, sulfonation, amination, Halogenation, Hydrolysis with examples.
Petrochemicals : Methanol, Vinyl chloride, Ethylene oxide, Isopropanol, Butadiene, Phenol and Pthalic anhydride – their manufacturing process with flow diagram and engineering problems.
Synthetic Fibre industry: Rayon, Nylon, Terelyne – Methods of production and flow diagrams.


Module IV:
Polymerisation: Principles of polymerization, Different methods of polymerization, manufacturing process and flow diagram for Polyethylene, PVC and Phenol formaldehyde.
Rubber industry: Natural and synthetic rubber (SBR, Butyl rubber).


Text Books / References:

  1.  Dryden, C. E., and Rao, M.G. (Ed.), Outlines of Chemical Technology Affiliated East West Press
  2. Austins, G.T., Sherve’s Chemical Process Industries, MGH 5th Edn.
  3. Venkateswarlu, S. (Ed.) Chemtech (II) Chemical Engineering Development Centre, IIT, Madras
  4. Kirk & Othmer (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
  5. A Text on Petrochemicals: B.K.B. Rao, Khanna Publisers.
  6. Unit operation in organic systhesis : P.H. Groggins.

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