Overlap in controlled 3-phase converter

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Paper Code: CHE 804 C



Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer – Modeling of Transport Phenomena
Transport Equations – Equations of Continuity, Motion, Energy in dimensional and non-dimensional forms – Lagrangian and Eulerian forms
Conservative and Non-conservative forms of transport equations
Equations – Elliptic, Parabolic and Hyperbolic
Understanding the convection and diffusion terms
Generalized Advection-Diffusion Equation with source term
Initial condition and Boundary conditions – three kinds


Concept of discretization – Taylor series FDM and CV based FVM – one-dimensional unsteady state heat diffusion equation - Treatment of boundary conditions
Numerical solution of PDE - Explicit method – Stability – Convergence – Consistency
Thomas (Tri-diagonal Matrix) Algorithm - Implicit method
Discretization of two-dimensional unsteady state heat diffusion equation – Numerical solution - ADI method – Line-by line
solution for multi-dimensional problem
Vorticity-Stream function approach
Primitive variable approach - Staggered grid
Discretization of the convection term - Upwind scheme - Central Difference scheme - Hybrid scheme - Power law scheme
Evaluation of pressure from Equation of Continuity
Pressure correction - Velocity correction
SIMPLE Algorithm – Residues in solution – Relaxation
Iterative scheme – Over and under relaxation - quick updation
Discussion on SIMPLER, SIMPLE-C
Solution of coupled equations – Thermal buoyancy
Validation of code and results – Benchmarking - Benchmark cases - Lid driven cavity - Flow in pipe - Estimation of
location of vena contracta in orifice flow – Rayleigh-Benard convection



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