MCQ on General Science for WBCS/SSC/Misc Competitive Exam/etc -II

Question for Practice on General Science

1. Diametre of the moon in relation to that of the earth is around

    (a) One-half        (b) One-third        (c) One-fourth        (d) One-sixth

2. Which one is used to alter AC current to DC current ?

    (a) Reactor        (b) Rectifier       (c) Dynamo        (d) None of these

3. Which is popularly known as ‘Dry Ice’ ?

MCQ on General Science for WBCS/SSC/Misc Competitive Exam/etc -I

1. With the increase of weather temperature the speed of sound :

    (a) increases       (b) decreases         (c) remains       (d) None of these

2. In which medium speed of sound would remain higher in the alternatives ?

    (a) vacuum         (b) air         (c) water        (d) None of these

3. Light of which colour has got highest velocity ?

    (a) Green         (b) red         (c) yellow        (d) blue

MCQ on General English for WBCS/Banks/SSC/etc - II

[Question No 1 to 25] :

Choose the correct expression from the alternatives.

1. “Patient” means a person under medical treatment and also person having :

    (a) high efficiency       (b) restlessness      (c) calm endurance     (d) none of these

2. “March” refers to a month and also :

    (a) movement of soldiers       (b) order to advance      (c) regulated walk      (d) all of these

3. “Journal”  refers to a newspaper and

MCQ on General English for WBCS/Banks/SSC/etc - I

Find out suitable answer from the given alternatives:-

Diections : Q. 1 to 20

Find out word almost similar in meaning of the underlined word.

1. The horrible accident made him ill.

    (a) exciting      (b) unpleasant        (c) shocking      (d) intense

2. The Judge was found suffering from partiality.

    (a) illness     (b) fondness      (c) nepotism        (d) favouritism

WBCS Exam Main Compulsory Question Paper VI - 2015 [ Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning ]

1. Five bells tolled together and since then they began to toll at intervals 3{1 \over 3}, 2{2 \over 5}, 2{2 \over 7}, 2{2 \over 9} and 2{1 \over 2} secs. They will again toll together after

(A) 3 minutes (B) 4 minutes (C) 5 minutes (D) 6 minutes

2. Two pipes can fill a cistern in 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. Both pipes being opened, time when the first pipe must be turned off so that cistern may be filled in 10 minutes more will be

(A) 8 minutes (B) 9 minutes (C) 10 minutes (D) 12 minutes

3. B starts from the same place 3 hours after A who runs 4 km. an hour. If B runs 5{1 \over 2} km. an hour distance at which B will overtake A will be

(A) 40 Km. (B) 44 Km. (C) 48 Km. (D) 52 Km.

WBPSC Panchayat Accounts and Audit Officer (Special) Recruitment Examination, 2016 - Vacancies: 164 Nos

No. of Vacancies: 164 Nos. (UR-84, SC-36, ST-10, BC-29, PH-05) The Written Examination will be held at Kolkata centre only in the month of February, 2017 or there about followed by Personality Test. The Personali ty Test of the candidates to be selected on the results of the written examination will be held in the office of the Public Service Commission, West Bengal, in Kolkata.