WBCS Preliminary Exam-2007 (Eng Ver)


Preliminary Exam
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Marks: 200
(English Version)


1. Political crime against one’s own country is called
(a) Treachery   (b) Treason    (c) Sedition   (d) Terrorism


 2. A drawback usually observed in women is called
(a) Womanly    (b) Womanish   (c) Female   (d) Feminine


3.The trees which shed all their leaves at a particular time of the  year are called
(a) Evergreen   (b) Coniferous   (c) Deciduous   (d) Savanna


4. Choose the correct item :
Dance is an art form, but to dance attendance is to
(a) Take part in group dance   (b) Entertain by dancing   (c) Be subservient    (d) Be flattering


5. Our gateman is a man of enormous size.
(a) Healthy   (b) Tall    (c) Gigantic    (d) Big


 6. The receptionist of the hotel greeted us with the pink of -
(a) Very sweetly    (b) With seriousness    (c) Warmly   (d) Respectfully


Choose of the opposite of the following idiomatic expression from the options given :
7. To have other fish to fry .
(a) To play the second fiddle        (b) To do the Yeoman’s service
(c)To oil one’s own machine         (d)To cut the coat according to one’s cloth


8.We all  an unknown danger before us.
(a) foresaw    (b) predicted     (c) anticipated    (d) apprehended


9.People who believe anything told to them are not dependable.
(a) Faithful    (b) Credible   (c) All-believing    (d) Credulous


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