WBCS Preliminary Exam-2004 (Eng Ver)

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Preliminary Exam
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Marks: 200
English Version (Collected from Memory)


Direction for Questions 1 to 3:

Choose the word most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word of the sentences.
1.He spoke in a whisper,
(A) Shout   (B) Rumble    (C) Murmur    (D) Roar


2.We had a rich diet there.
(A) Plain   (B) Poor   (C) Simple   (D) Lean


3.He had a sharp attack of fever.
(A) Sudden   (B) Mild   (C) intermittent   (D) Slow


Direction for Questions 4 to 6 .  
Choose the item closet in meaning to the underlined word in the given sentences.


4.The speaker emphasized the salient points of the issue.
(A) Rclevent   (B) Prominent   (C) Appropriate   (D) Accurate


5.As a scholar he is almost peerless.
(A) Superb    (B) Magnificent    (C) Unequalled    (D) Pamou


6.The old lady is extremely loquacious.
(A) Humorous   (B) Talkative   (C) Foul-mouthed    (D) Voluble


Direction for Questions 7 to 10
Choose the correct meaning of the underlined pun usentences.


7.He faced a crisis and was in a fix.
(A) Motionless    (B) In a difficulty    (C) Coilfllited   (D) Dumb founded


8.The improved tax collcetions are a shot in the arm for the country's economy.
(A) A close-range shot           (B) A shot-gun blast
(C) A great encouragement    (D) At arm's length


9.The speaker spoke at length; in fine he urged his audience to he patriotic,
(A) In line language    (B) With a noble gesture
(C) In telling phrases  (D) In conclusion


10.He has been here for years, and should know the ins and outs of the job.
(A) The secrets   (B) All the details   (C) Entries and exits   (D) The problems and. their solutions


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