WBCS Preliminary Exam-2005 (Eng Ver)



Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Marks: 200  English Version

(Collected From Memory)


Direction for Question Nos. 1 to 3 :
Choose the correct item from the given options.

1. One who acquires a bad name is-
(a) famous  (b) evil   (c) notorious   (d) infamous


2. One who leaves his country for another is-
(a) a traitor   (b) a refugee   (c) an emigrant   (d) an immigrant.


3. That which is not permissible is-
(a) wrong   (b) Prohibited   (c) evil   (d) impermanent


Direction for Question Nos. 4 to 6:
From the given options choose the most appropriate word to fill in the gaps in the following sentences :


4. The Road was completely ______ by a fallen tree.
(a) closed   (b) hindered   (c) stopped    (d) blocked


5. A hostile crowd tried to ______ the Chairman from delivering his speech.
(a) prevent   (b) obstruct   (c) impede   (d) hinder


 6. The administrator could not make up his mind about this ______ point.
 (a) indecisive    (b) vague    (c) debatable    (d) pointless


Direction for Question .Nos. 7 to 9 :
Complete the sentences by choosing appropriate words from the given options.


7.Judgment was passed on the murderer and he was duly ____
(a) assassinated    (b) strangled   (c) killed    (d) executed


8.Jesus of Nazareth illustrated religious concepts by means of ——.
(a) Stories  (b) Legends   (c) Fables   (d) Parables


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