WBCS Preliminary Exam-2006 (Eng Ver)


Preliminary Exam

Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Marks: 200

(English Version)


1. The man was willing to undertake the work for a consideration.

(A)  Out of sympathy   (B)  Against payment   (C)  Only for a brief period      (D)  On certain terms


2. Please put on record my objections to this step

(A)  Put in writing   (B)  Do not forget   (C)  Play on a record-player   (D)  Send them to the proper authorities


3. The truant boy promised to turn over a new leaf.
(A)  Turn to nature   (B)  Start a new and better life   (C)  Move away from the place    (D)  Change for the worse


Direction for Question Nos. 4 and 5 Choose the word closest in meaning to  that which is underlined :

4.The boy was reprimanded by his father.

(A)  Abused   (B)  Beaten   (C)  Admired   (D)  Rebuked


5.W great cunning, the ckrk forged the important document.

(A)  Wickedness    (B)  Intelligence   (C)  Craftiness   (D)  Skill


Direction for Question Nos. 6 and 7

From the accompanying list choose a single word describing each of the following as closely as possible :


6.A dwelling in which soldiers live

(A)  Camp   (B)  Barracks   (C)  Tents   (D)  Cott gge


7.A seller of cakes

(A)  Baker   (B)  Salesman   (C)  Cake-seller  (D)  Confectioner


Direction for Question Nos. 8 to 11

Select the right word to complete the following sentences:


8. When the author gives a name which is not his real one, the  book is said to be written under a

(A)  Fiction   (B)  Falsehood   (C)  Pseudonym   (D)  Mistake


9.A child who has lost both his parents is known as

(A) Unlucky   (B) A foundling   (C) An orphan   (D) A street-child


10.To make use of marks like commas or full stops is to

(A)  Deviate   (B)  Vary   (C)  Regulate   (D)  Punctuate