WBCS(Main)-2004 Botany Paper- I Question Paper

                                         W.B Civil Service Examination (Main)- 2004

                                                            (Optional Papers)

                                                              Botany Paper-I


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                     Full Marks-100


                                                                Group - A

                                                    Answer any three questions


1.  (a)  Differences between a gram ‘+’ ve and gram ‘-’ ve  bacteria.      4

     (b)  Describe the structure of endospore and outline the steps in its formation.     4+4

     (c)  Give a detail account of the generalized and specialized transduction method of genetic recombination.      8


2.   (a)  How does a ‘rot’ differ from a ‘blight’ ?  State the symptoms and control measures of ‘Stem Rot of Jute’ disease.      2+4+4

     (b)  What are phytoalexins ?  State the role of phytoalexin in host parasite interaction.      2+6

     (c)  What are systemic fungicides ?  Give examples.     2


3.  Write explanatory notes (any four)

     (a)  Tetrapolar heterothaliism 

     (b)  Vegetative propagation in Hesaticopsida

     (c)  Crozier formation

     (d)  Forms of prothalli in Lycopodium

     (e)  Cellular permineralization.     5 x 4


4.  (a) Describe the life cycle of Cajeochaete with appropriate diagrams.  Add a note on the role of the genus in the origin of tracheophytes.      8+4

     (b) Draw & describe the structure (ultrastructure) of heterocyst. Point out it’s importance in agriculture.     6+2


5.  (a)  Homospory —–> Heterospory ——> Seed habit, discuss the sequence with appropriate examples from fossil record,

     (b)  Draw & label the longitudinal section passing through the capsule of Funaria. How are the spores dispersed in the genus ?      4+4



                                                    Answer any two questions.


6.  (a)  Characterize the class Gnetopsida. Compare the structure of mature ovule of Pinus and Cneturr.       4+8

     (b)  Write notes on any two :

            i)  Economic uses of gymnosperms

           ii)  Distribution of Cycas in India

           iii)  Microsporogenesis in anciosponu.     4 x 2


7.  (a)  Distinguish between the following pairs of families on the floral characters only (any three) :

          i)   Malvaceae and Cucurbitaceae 

          ii)  Solanaceae and Lamiaceae

         iii)  Alisroataceae and Magnoliaceae

         iv)  Acanthaceae and Apocynaceae.    5 x 2

      (b)  Discuss the importance of Botanic Gardens.      5


8.  (a) Give the binomial, family, part used and uses of any three : Vasak, Ground nut. Cotton, Mustard.    4x3

     (b)  Explain with examples the different modifications of seeds and fruits for wind dispersal.     6

     (c)  Give binomial of two plants in the vegetation of Sunderbans.      2