WBCS(Main)-2008 Botany Paper- I Question Paper

                                         W.B Civil Service Examination (Main)- 2008

                                                            (Optional Papers)

                                                              Botany Paper-I


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                     Full Marks-100


                                                                Group - A

                                                    Answer any three questions


1.  Answer any two of the following :     10 x 2

    (i) What are endospores ?  Where and when do they occur ?  How are they formed ?  Are they a means of reproduction ?     3+6+1

    (ii)  Briefly enumerate the steps for production of cheese and any alcoholic beverage or soya sauce.     5+5

     (iii) Name the casual organism, symptoms and control of any two of the following diseases :

          (a) loose smut of wheat,

          (b) black stem rust of wheat,

          (c) late blight of potato     5+5


2.  Write short notes on any four of the following :

     (i)   Carageenan.

     (ii)   Diatom frustule

     (iii)  Toxic Algae

     (iv)  Pathotoxin

     (v)  Disease cycle

     (vi)  Fungal spore types      5x4


3.  Comment of any two of the following :

     (i)   Predominant view of origin of bryophytes

     (ii)   Somatic and reproductive structure of Synchitrium

     (iii)  Degree of specialisation in the nature of gamete producing structures of stone worts     10x2


4.  Write short notes on any four of the following:

     (i)  Gemma cup of Marchantea

    (ii)  Coenosorus of Pteris

    (iii)  Fertile spike of Ophioglossum

    (iv)  Sporocarp of Marsilea

    (v)  Ovuliferous scale of Pinus

    (vi)  Leaves of Archaeopteris     5x4


5.   Answer any two of the following :

      (i)   Economic importance of either pteridophytes or gymnosperms

     (ii)   Reconstruction of the Bennettitalean species by Professor Birbal Sahni

     (iii)  Telome concept and its significance     10x2



                                                    Answer any two questions.


6.  Write the scientific name and the family of any five of the plants yielding the following products, as well as mentioning the parts used and its economic importance:

     (i) Sal,    (ii) Mango,     (iii) Banana,     (iv) Sugarcane,    (v) Mung,    (vi) Ground nut,   (vii) Vasak       4x5


7.   Write short notes on any four of the following :

     (i)   Methods of conservation of rare and endangered plants

     (ii)   Apomixis

     (iii)  Placentation

     (iv)  Aestivation

     (v)   ICBN

     (vi)  Herbarium


8.  a.  Cite the diagnostic features of any five of the following families:

     (i)  Ranunculaceae,    (ii)    Cruciferae,    (iii)    Tiliaceae,    (iv) Verbenaceae,    (v) Apocynaceae,    (vi) Acanthaceae,    (vii) Rubiaceae      4 x 5


     b.  What is modern Taxonomy ?   With example explain the evidences utilised in modern taxonomy.       2+18