WBSSC (LDC / LDA) Exam - 2013

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West Bengal Staff Selection Commission (WBSSC) Exam - 2013 held on 15/12/2013

Total Marks: 100                                                                    Time: 1½ Hours 

                                Question Booklet Series-D

General Instructions to the Candidates

1.  Please do not open the booklet unless instructed to do so by the Invigilator (s).

2. There are 100 (One Hundred) Multiple Choice Type Questions in this booklet.

3.  Each Question carries one mark.

4.  There will be Negative Marks of 0.25 per wrong answer. Please»be careful while answering.

5.  Read detailed instructions given on Side - II of the OMR Answer Sheet carefully. 

Part - I    Question Booklet Series : D

Each question carries 1 mark. There will be negative marks of 0.25 for each wrong answer. Total Marks -100 Time - 90 minutes.

1.   He and I am well. Correct the error from the following alternatives:

A.  is       B.  are       C.   was       D.   am


2.   The average age of men in the office is thrice the number of women in office. If the ratio of men and women in the office out of 35 be 3 : 2, the total of the ages (in years) of the men in the office is

A.  440         B.  337         C.  635        D. 882


3.   Ratios of two numbers are 3 : 4 and their L.C.M. is 108. The numbers will be

A.  18 and 24        B.  24 and 32         C. 27 and 36       D.   21 and 28


4.   Choose the correct answer. The place where bricks are baked is called

A.   a cemetery        B.  a kiln        C.   a mint       D.   a foundry


5.   Which of the sentences given below correctly render the following sentence in indirect speech. 'Are you all right?'. I asked my children.

A.  I asked my children are they all right ?                B.  I asked my children are you all right.

C.  I enquired of my children are you all right ?        D. I asked my children if they were all right.


6.   Sujit invested Rs. 64000 in a business. After few months Shyamal joined with him with Rs. 24000. At the end of the year the total profit was divided between them in the ratio 4 : 1.  Shyamal joined after 

A.  4 months         B.   5 months        C.   6 months        D.   8 months


7.   A man sees a train passing over a bridge 1 km long. The length of the train is 1/4 that of the bridge. If the train clears the bridge in 50 sec the speed of the train is

A. 90 kmph        B.   45 kmph        C. 125 kmph       D.  115 kmph


8.   The compound known as 'Dry Ice" is

A. Solid CO2         B.   Liquid NH3        C.   Liquid CO2       D.   Gaseous CO2


9.   The marked price of a book is Rs. 120.  If 10% discount is allowed on this marked price, the selling price will be -

A.   Rs.100       B.   Rs.110      C.  Rs.108       D.   Rs.112


10.   A can contains 41.5 litres of mango juice.  A juice seller decided to sell it in half-litre bottles. The number of completely filled half-litre bottles to sell whole quantity of juice is

A.   82        B.   42       C.  41      D. 83


11.   The type of soil preferred for cotton cultivation is

A.   Laterite        B. Black      C.   Loamy        D.   Alluvial 


12.  The gas with a smell of rotten egg

A.  NH3         B.  O3       C.  O2      D.  H2S


13.   If  x/y + y/x = a and x/y - y/x = b, then the value of (a² - b²) is equal to

A.   1        B.  2       C.  4       D.  8


14.  Anemia is caused in human due to the deficiency of which one of the following element in food

A.  Iodine         B.   Calcium         C.   Magnesium        D.  Iron


15.  The best diagonal pair of elements in the periodic table is

A.  lithium and magnesium          B.  beryllium and aluminium 

C.  boron and silicon         D.  sodium and magnesium

* Question No 15 stand cancelled


16.   Preposition or article is missing in the sentence given below, choose the correct preposition or article  to fill up the blank space by selecting A, B, C or D as the case may be :  This is ——— unique chance for students to get a training in computer application.

A.   the        B.   from        C.   an        D.  a


17.   Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India is

A.  Justice Altamas Kabir      B.  Justice A K Patnaik      C.  Justice K S P Radhakrishnan       D.  Justice P Sathasivam


18.  Governor of the Reserve Bank of India is

A.  Dr. Raghuram Rajan        B.  Dr. Subba Rao       C.  Shree P. Chidambaram      D.  Shree Montek Singh Ahluwalia


19.  Find out the synonym of 'Applaud' from

A.  Admire         B.  Apply        C.  Appeal         D. Awful


20.  The opposite of 'natural' is :

A.  artificial         B.  normal         C.  chemical         D.  general


21.   The percentage of water present in human sweat is

A. 99.9%        B.   89.25%        C.   79.50%        D.   65.50%


22.   In India 'Permanent Settlement' was first introduced at -

A.    Bihar and Orissa        B.   Andhra Pradesh and Bengal       C.    Bengal and Orissa       D. Bengal and Bihar


23.  Tata Iron and Steel Company is located in

A.  Orissa        B.   Bihar        C.   Jharkhand       D.  Madhya Pradesh


24.   Turn into a negative sentence:-  All must submit to death. Select the correct response.

A.  Everyone cannot escape death.      B.   No one fails to die.

C.  No one can escape death.             D.   All cannot escape death.


25.   In a container, amount of water is two times than milk. Then ratio of milk and water is

A.   1 : 1       B. 1 : 2        C.   2 : 1        D.   2 : 2


26.  A rectangular carpet has an area of 81 sq. metre and a perimeter of 30 metre. The length of its diagonal is

A.  12 m       B.  16 m      C.  13 m       D.  11m

* Question No 26 stand cancelled

27.    Flowers in a basket double themselves after every minute. In an hour the basket is full. The basket would be half full after

A.  45 minutes         B.  50 minutes        C. 59 minutes       D.  58 minutes


28.   Latest movie in which Hritik Roshan acted as hero is

A.  Krish2          B.  Krish 3        C.  Krish 4        D.   Krish 5


29.   Mangrove forest in West Bengal are found in the

A.   Northern Part    B.   Southern Part       C.   Eastern Part      D.  Western Part 


30.   Find out the correctly spelt word from

A.   Arobicks         B.    Aerobics          C.   Arrobics    D.  Aerrobics


31.   A nonmetal that is liquid at room temperature

A.   Cl2        B.   F2        C.  Br2        D.  I2


32.   There is a 10% loss on selling goods at 2/3rd of marked price. If it is sold at marked price then the profit percentage is

A.   25%       B. 30%      C.   35%       D.  40%

* Question No 32 stand cancelled


33.   In a Business there is 20% profit and then 15% loss occur. Overall find profit or loss percentage in the Business

A.   1%     B.  2%      C.  3%       D.  4%


34.   Name the Typhoon that recently devastated Philippines

A.  Nina       B.  Morakot       C.  Katrina        D.  Haiyan 


35.   Fill in the blanks with the correct word denoting collection. 'The ——— of trustees.'

A.   panel        B.  Group       C.   Bench        D.  Board


36.   Choose the correct answer : I gave him a piece of my mind means :

A.   I advised him         B.  I scolded him        C.   I sympathized with him       D.   I loved him


37.  Choose the word from the alternatives to express the meaning of the given word:


A.   Strength         B.   Boldness         C.   Solidity       D.   Courage


38.   It is easy to catch a tennis ball than to catch a cricket ball because

A.   The mass of tennis ball is low        B.   The velocity of tennis ball is low

C.   The momentum of tennis ball is low      D.  The pressure of tennis ball is low


39.   One fourth of the saving in a bag was spent. The remaining money was divided in 9 part each of Rs. 5.20. The amount of the savings in the bag is

A.   Rs. 62.40        B.   Rs. 55         C.   Rs. 43.40      D.   Rs. 41.20


40.  State the function of the sentence choosing from the alternatives given: The job seekers must register at the employment office in the first week of next month.

A.  giving an information       B. stating a fact       C.  giving an information for action       D. giving an order


41.   If  2= 1.44, the value of 3 2/ 2-0.414 is

A.   0.042        B.   4.242       C.   0.4242       D.  42.420

* Question No 41 stand cancelled


42.   Walking at 4.5 km. in 1 hour a clerk reaches his office 5 minutes late. If he walks 3.5km. in 40 mins. he would reach the office 4 minutes early. The distance of office is

A.   8 km.        B.   3 km.         C.  4.725 km.        D.  4.250 km.


43.   If the velocity, frequency and wavelength of a sound wave are v, n and respectively, the relation among them

Ans (A)


44.   Every nation of the world has been continuously trying to bring about a new social system by eradicating ——— from its soil.   Fill  in the blank with correct alternatives.

A.   poor         B.   impoverish        C.  poverty        D.   poorly


45.   Show the road. The road leads to Delhi. Join the sentence with a suitable linker:

A.  who      B.  which         C.  when        D.  whom


46.   Ratio of A's age is to B's age is 5 : 2.   A will be 31 years old after 6 years. The age of B is

A. 10 years       B.  21 years         C.  15 years       D.  12 years


47.  The least populous state of India is

A.  Arunachal Pradesh      B.  Sikkim      C.  Rajasthan        D.  Manipur


48.  from the following sentences choose the correct one

A.  Each girl and each boy have dressed in a new dress. 

B.  Each girl and each boy were dressed in a new dress

C.  Each girl and each boy are dressed in a new dress

D.   Each girl and each boy is dressed in anew dress   


49.  Ratio of two numbers is 5 : 6 and their H.C.F. is 7.  Find the sum of the number-

A.  80     B. 77       C.  11      D.  144


50.   An electrolyte can conduct electricity in the state of

A.  Solid      B.  Liquid       C.  Aqueous solution       D. Gaseous

* Question No 50 stand cancelled


51.  The Government project MGNREGA stands for

A. Mahatma Gandhi National Regional Education Guarantee Act

B.  Mahatma Gandhi National Regional Empowerment Generation Act

C.  Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

D.  Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Energy Generation Act


52.  If 6 examiners can examine a certain number of answer books in 15 days by working 4hrs a day. The number of hours that 5 examiners have to work a day to examine five times the number of answer books in 20 days are

A. 18 hrs        B. 20 hrs       C. 16 hrs       D. 14 hrs


53.  A number leaves a remainder 44 when it is divided by 52.  If it is divided by 13 the remainder will be

A.  4       B. 8      C. 5       D. 13


54.  Sachin Tendulkar played his 200th test match against which country ?

A.  South Africa        B. Australia        C.  West Indies        D.  England


55.  Name the organ of man in which urea is synthesized

A.  Kidney         B.  lung        C. Stomach       D.  Liver


56.  Who was the author of 'Mein Kamp'

A.  Hitler        B.   Mussolinit        C. Karl Marx      D. Garibaldi


57.  Zeolite is called

A.  sand stone      B. blue stone       C.  boiling stone      D.  philosopher's stone

* Question No 57 stand cancelled


58. The only number which is not divisible by 11 is

A.  6171      B.  6116      C.  6776      D. 6161


59. "India is the gift Himalaya" told by

A.  Vinscent Smith      B.  Ramesh Chandra Majumder       C.  K. M. Panickar       D.  Jadu Nath Sarkar 


60.  A boy sitting in a train which travelling at 30 kmph observe that a goods train, travelling in opposite direction takes 6 seconds to pass him. If the goods train is 120 m long, find its speed.

A. 72 kmph      B. 60 kmph       C. 75 kmph       D. 42 kmph


61.  The largest bone in the human body is

A.  Humerus       B.  Radius      C.  Femur       D.  Tibia


62.   The interest on Rs. 3500, from 5th January, 1954 to 31st may, 1954 at 12% rate perannum is

A.  150      B. 160       C. 168        D. 175


63.   'Green house effect' is the result of

A.  Land Pollution         B.  Water Pollution        C.  Air Pollution        D.  Sound Pollution


64.   To get 12½ % profit, the ratio of cost price and selling price would be

A.  9:8      B. 8:9        C. 25:28      D.  28:25


65.   The audience —— requested to take their seats. Chose the correct words to fill in the blanks:

A.  has       B.  is      C.  are      D. he


66.  The Plateau which is situated between Himalaya and Kuyenlun mountain is

A.  Plateau of Tibet        B.  Anatolian Plateau        C.  Deccan Plateau     D.  Plateau of Iran


67.  What is the name of the space craft that was launched on 5th November, 2013 by India under Mars-Orbitter-Misson

A.  Mangalrath        B.  Mangalyaan       C.  Mangalakshayaan      D. Mangalaksharath


68.  Give the opposite of the given word by adding a suitable prefix. Choose the correct prefix from the alternatives given below: —— revocable

A.   il       B.  ir       C.  in      D.  im


69.  The person deciphered Ashoka's inscriptions for the first time

A.  Princep         B.  R.C.Majumder        C.  R.D.Banerjee       D. Rai Bahadur Daya Ram Sahani


70.   How many Zilla Parishads are there in West Bengal ?•

A.  17        B. 18      C. 19      D.  20


71.  Our chairman speaks English —— well.

A.  besides        B. hardly        C.  quite       D.  Enough


72.  One shopkeeper mixes 16 kg of salt for Rs. 2 per kg with 10 kg of salt for Rs.4.80 per kg. He now sells the salt mixture for Rs.4 per kg. In this process gain percentage is

A.  30%        B. 25%         C. 20%       D. 15%


73.  The average weight of 7 apples increases by 10 gms, if one of them weighing 120 gms is replaced by another. The weight of new apple is

A.  190 gms        B. 70 gms        C. 84 gms        D.  42 gms


74.  Choose the sentence which is correct.

A.  He may be poor, else he is honest.         B. He is poor but he is honest.

C.  He is either poor or honest.                    D.   He is poor inspite of being honest.


75.   Cost price of a wrist watch is Rs.450 and selling price is Rs.540, then profit percentage is

A.  10%       B.  20%        C. 30%       D.  15%


76.  The motion of a wheel rotating about an axis on the road is

A.  circular       B. linear         C. linear and circular       D.  vibratory


77.   The interest on Rs.300 for 3 years is Rs. 27.  The rate of simple interest is

A  3 %          B. 10 %         C.  2 %        D.  5 %


78.  'Trespass' means:

A.  Leave without permission           B.  Leave with permission

C.  Enter without permission           D.  Enter with permission


79.  Choose the synonym of the word 'adequate' from the following alternatives:-

A.   sufficient        B.   square       C.   concrete         D.  hard


80.  Pick out the correct meaning of the following Idiom:  Bed of roses.

A.  A newly laid garden of roses.         B.  Beautiful objects

C.  Very colourful.          D.  An easy and comfortable situation.


81.  Choose the antonym of the quoted word. She can't attend office as she's ' unwell' .

A.  Indisposed         B. unhealthy        C.  fit        D.  ailing


82.   A document written by hand is

A.   An article       B.   A book      C.  A magazine       D.  A manuscript


83.   Ratios of money of A, B and C are 6 : 3 : 2 .  If the sum of the amount of money of B and C  are Rs. 70,000 find the amount of money of A.

A.  Rs. 84,000        B.  Rs. 85,000         C.  Rs.86,000        D.  Rs.90,000


84.   Supreme court has recently directed the Election Commission of India to provide a special button on Electronic Voting Machines to allow voters to:

A.  Accept all candidates      B. Reject all candidates      C.  Record challenge vote    D.  Record tender vote


85.  City selected to host 2020 Olympic Games is

A.   Los Angles       B.  Moscow         C.  London        D.  Tokyo


86.  The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 27.  The middle number is

A.  9           B. 11       C.  33          D. 25


87.  The Headmaster with all the teachers of his school —— arrived.

A. has       B. have       C.  was        D.  can


88.  Equal quantities of heat are supplied to two different metallic balls of equal mass. Which ball will have higher temperature ?  Given Specific heat of 1st ball is less than specific heat of 2nd ball.  t1=temperature of 1st ball t2 =temperature of 2nd ball-

A.  t1<t2         B.   t2<t1       C.   t1=t2       D.   t1=t2=infinity


89.   A tank filled with water appear shallow because of the property of

A.  Reflection        B.  Refraction         C.  Interference        D.  Detraction


90.  The treaty brought about an end to the war among belligerent nation. The 'opposite of "belligerent" would be•

A.   peaceful           B.  generous        C.  magnanimous        D.  calmly


91.  It all happened suddenly. The opposite of suddenly is

A.   abruptly       B.  quietly         C.  momentarily       D.  gradually


92.  Acid rain destroys vegetation because it contain

A.  03        B.  CO        C. H2SO4       D.  Nitrates.


93.  Fill in the blanks with simple past tense form of the verb given in the bracket: - You ———(not see) me yesterday.

A.  did not see         B.  did not saw        C.  did not seen         D.  could not saw


94.  External fertilization takes place in which of the following animal

A.  Reptiles      B. Birds      C. Toad       D.  Mammals


95.  Change the voice of the given sentence. Chose the one from the alternatives given:

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin.

A.  Penicillin had been discovered by Alexander Fleming.

B.  Penicillin was discovered by Aexander Fleming.

C. Penicillin has been discovered by Alexander Fleming.

D. Penicillin had being discovered by Alexander Fleming.


96.  If seven numbers, each divisible by 4 are added, the sum will be divisible by

A.  7        B. 28        C.  4        D. 14


97.  The para military forces who guarded Nazi meetings and attacked the gatherings of other parties.

A.  Elite Guards        B. Gestapo         C.  Red Shirts        D. Storm Troopers


98.  There are four parts of sentence (P, Q, R, S) put in jumbled order. Put them in right order to form a meaningful sentence.  Select the correct response. P=where homer Q=was born R=great poet S=nobody knows.

A.  SPRQ           B.  SRPQ        C.  PQSR        D.  PQRS


99.  Transformation of energy takes place when a stone is thrown from a catapult is from

A.  Potential energy to Kinetic energy       B. Mechanical energy to Heat energy

C.  Mechanical energy to Sound energy    D.  Mechanical energy to Light energy


100. The pact was signed in 1931 through which Gandhiji decided to call off the Civil Disobedience Movement ?

A.  Gandhi-Curzon Pact        B.  Curzon-Nebru Pact         C.  Gandhi-Irwin Pact      D.  Gandhi-Mountbatten Pact


Question Booklet Series : D
1. B2. D3. C4. B5. D6. A7. A8. A9. C10. D
11. B12. D13. C14. D15.16. D17. D18. A19. A20. A
21. A22. D23. C24. C25. B26.27. C28. B29. B30. B
31. C32.33. B34. D35. D36. B37. B38. C39. A40. C
41.42. C43. A44. C45. B46. A47. B48. D49. B50.
51. C52. A53. C54. C55. D56. A57.58. D59. C60. D
61. C62. D63. C64. B65. C66. A67. B68. B69. A70. A
71. C72. A73. A74. B75. B76. C77. A78. C79. A80. D
81. C82. D83. A84. B85. D86. A87. A88. B89. B90. A
91. D92. C93. A94. C95. B96. C97. D98. A99. A100. C

* Question numbers 15, 26, 32, 41, 50 and 57 stand cancelled and no marks shall be awarded against these six questions irrespective of the fact whether any candidate has attempted or not attempted the said questions. Hence, total marks for Part – I shall be considered as 94 instead of 100.
Secretary cum Controller of Examinations
West Bengal Staff Selection Commission



Group - A

Answer all questions in Group A in English   

  Total Time - 1 hour                                                         Total Marks -50

1. Write a report within 200 words on the following topic from the points given. Marks-[20]

Event: A Handicraft Fair Place: Central Park, Salt lake Date:14.02.13 to 25.02.13. Time From 5 p.m to 8 p.m daily Articles sold in the fair: Many states such as Tripura, Orissa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand joined the fair --- artisans were seen making their things---dolls, hand bags, wall-decorations, Table-mats, door-mats etc were sold--- ornaments of different materials were one of the main attractions of women buyers---there were food- stalls too---people crowded in the shops selling such delicacies as Pithe' ,'Malpoya "Patisapta' etc.


2. Write a precis of the following passage with a suitable title      Marks -[15]

Make a precis of the following passage and add a suitable title:  Ladakh, the most remote region of India, is sometimes described as the moon-land and sometimes as 'Little Tibet'. Both these definitions have some degree of truth in them. This is really a barren virtually rainless area which lies north of the Himalayas, which serves as a barrier to clouds carrying rain from the south. That is why much of Ladakh looks much like the moon, a barren, grey-brown landscape utterly devoid of vegetation. Ladakh really is a littLe Tibet. Like parts of Nepal, it is situated on the Tibetan plateau. The people of Lakakh are related to the Tibetans and follow similar religious and cultural practices. It also has many Tibetan refugees who fled Tibet with the invasion from China. Now-a-days a large number of tourists visit Ladakh to enjoy its arid and strange landscape. The greater part of Ladakh is barren and uninhabited but wherever water is available There are also patches of greenery. Most of the houses are flat-roofed and made of sun-dried bricks. Leh is the capital city of Ladakh. Here one can see all types of people but predominantly they are Mongoloid in appearance and of Tibetan stack. They are Buddhists. There are also Muslims and a few Christians too. The Ladakhis are not sectarian at all. In Ladakkh it is possible to find families whose members are Buddhists, Muslims and Christians. Leh is situated on the bank of the river Indus and its location is of great strategic value. In the past it was on the caravan routes and of great commercial value. Today it is a great military centre because we have to keep a constant watch on our borders which touch China and Pakistan occupied territories here.


3. Translate any of the following passage into English.    Marks -[15]


Group - B

Answer all questions of Group B in Bengali/Hindi/Nepali/Urdu language as selected inapplication form. Do not mix answers of Group A and Group B  Total Marks -[50].  

1.  Translate the following passage into Bengali/ Hindi/ Urdu/ Nepali.    Marks - [15]

Translate into vernacular: There was a father who had two sons. One was clever and sensible, and always knew how to get on. But the younger one was stupid, and could not learn anything .when people saw him they said: 'His father will have plenty of trouble with him. One day the father said to the younger son: 'You are growing big and strong. You must2 learn something by which you can earn living.


2.   Write a report within 200 words on the following topic from the points given. Marks -[20]


3.  Write a precis of any of the following passage with a suitable title.    Marks - [15] 



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