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WBCS Exam Main Optional question Paper on Anthropology (Paper - I) - 2014


Optional Paper


Time allowed-3 Hours          Full Marks-100

If the questions attempted are in excess of the prescribed number, only the questions attempted first up to the prescribed number shall be valued and the remaining ones ignored.

Answer may be written either in English or in Bengali but all answers must be in one and the same language.


WBCS Exam Main Compulsory Question Paper - 2014 [Paper - V]

1.  Which one of the following amendments added the word ‘Secular’ to the preamble of the Indian Constitution

(A) 44 th Amendment        (B) 42 th Amendment        (C) 43 th Amendment        (D) 45 th Amendment


2.  The Constitution of India describes India as a :

(A) Union of states        (B) Quasi federal

(C) A federation of states and Union territories

(D) Partly unitary and partly federal


WBCS Exam Main Compulsory Question Paper - 2014 [General Studies -II]

WBCS Exam Main Compulsory Question Paper - 2014 [General Studies -II]

[ Paper - IV ]

1.  Newton’s third law gives directly the law of conservation of

(A) Momentum        (B) Energy        (C) Angular Momentum        (D) Power


2.  In human beings, the number of chromosomes in an ordinary cell is

(A) 46      (B) 48      (C) 50      (D) 52


WBCS Exam Main Compulsory Question Paper - 2014 [General Studies - I]

WBCS Examination Main Compulsory Question Paper - 2014 [ General Studies - I ]

[ Paper - III ]

1. The Hindustan Tibet Road connecting Shimla with Gartok in western Tibet passes through -

(A) Shilpi La pass        (B) Zoji La Pass       (C)  Thaga La pass       (D)  Jelep La pass


2.  Sind Sagar Doab is located between the rivers