MCQ on General English for Banks/WBCS/SSC/etc

MCQ on General English for WBCS/Banks/SSC/etc - II

[Question No 1 to 25] :

Choose the correct expression from the alternatives.

1. “Patient” means a person under medical treatment and also person having :

    (a) high efficiency       (b) restlessness      (c) calm endurance     (d) none of these

2. “March” refers to a month and also :

    (a) movement of soldiers       (b) order to advance      (c) regulated walk      (d) all of these

3. “Journal”  refers to a newspaper and

MCQ on General English for WBCS/Banks/SSC/etc - I

Find out suitable answer from the given alternatives:-

Diections : Q. 1 to 20

Find out word almost similar in meaning of the underlined word.

1. The horrible accident made him ill.

    (a) exciting      (b) unpleasant        (c) shocking      (d) intense

2. The Judge was found suffering from partiality.

    (a) illness     (b) fondness      (c) nepotism        (d) favouritism