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Topic Covered:

1. The Solar System

2. Continents and Oceans

3. Biosphere

4. Lithosphere

5. Hydrosphere

6. Atmosphere

7. Latitudes and Longitudes

8. Different Heat zones of the earth

9. Longitudes and time zones

10. International Date line

11. Motion of the earth

12. Effect of the tilted axis on day and night

13. The Atmosphere ( composition and layer of the Atmosphere)

14. Weather and Climate

15. Atmospheric pressure

16. Internal Structure of the earth

17. Rocks

18. Earthquakes and volcanoes

19. Various Landforms (Mountains, Plateaus, Plain, Grasslands, Landforms created by the river system, Landforms created by glacier, Landforms created by the action of winds, Landforms created by the action of groundwater )

20. The Indian Sub continent: Position, extent and physical features


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