Dynamics of General Rigid Body Motion

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Applied Thermodynamics

Code: ME301
Credits: 3


1. Review of fundamentals; Heat and work, First law for unsteady flow system.

2. Pure Substance, Properties of pure substance; Phases of pure substances- Phase rule; Phase Change Processes
   of Pure Substances – triple pt., critical pt.; Property diagrams of Phase change Processes; P-V-T surface for
     phase change; Property tables of real substances - compressed liquid, saturated, wet & superheated vapour.
 3. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics; the corollaries & their proofs; the property of entropy; entropy change of a
     pure substance; Tds equations and calculation of entropy change; concept and uses of entropy; the entropy
     generation principle. The second law of thermodynamics for an open system.
4. Exergy analysis, Reversible work and irreversibility, Exergy change of a system, 2nd Law efficiency.

5. Maxwell relations; Clapeyron Equation, Joule Thompson co-efficient
 6. I.C.Engine, Air Standard cycles; Otto, Diesel, Dual Combustion.
7. Reciprocating air compressors; the compressor cycle with and without clearance, efficiencies; volumetric
   efficiency & its effect on performance; multistaging.
8. Vapour power cycles & its modifications, Reheat & Regenerative cycle for steam, Binary cycle and
9. Refrigeration cycles, reversed carnot cycle; components and analysis of simple vapour compression
     Refrigeration cycle, Actual Refrigeration cycles, Vapour Absorption Refrigeration cycle.
10. Use of psychometric charts & processes for air conditioning


Books recommended:

  1. Engineering Thermodynamics - P.K Chattopadyay, OUP
  2. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics - 6e by Sonntag, Borgnakke & Van Wylen, John Wiley.
  3. Engineering Thermodynamics-4e by P.K .Nag, TMH
  4. Thermodynamics- an Engineering approach - 6e, Cengel & Boles,TMH
  5. Engineering Thermodynamics- M. Achyuthan, PHI

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