Symetrical Components and Fault Calculations

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Theodolite surveying: Components of a Theodolite, Adjustments, Horizontal and vertical angle
measurements, Trigonometric leveling, problems on height and distances, traverse table, co-ordinates


Tachometer: Definition, Principles of stadia, tangential systems, Details of stadia system. Analytic
tachometer, Horizontal and inclined sight with staff vertical and normal for both fixed and movable hair tachometer, Errors in tachometer methods.


Triangulation: Adjustments of station and figure, Leveling adjustment, Method of equal shifts.


Curve surveying :

  1. Simple curves Definition, Notations Designations, Elements of simple curve, Setting out by linear methods and Rankine's tangential method. Two Theodolite and tachometric method,
  2. Introduction to Compound and reverse curves, vertical curve: types
  3. Transition curves: lemniscates, cubic spiral, cubic parabola, setting out

Hydrographic surveying: Vertical control Datum: tide measurement, Horizontal Control: Shore line surveying, Sounding: Location of sounding and reduction, Three point problems, Nautical sextant and station pointer.


Remote Sensing: Introduction to remote sensing and its application in civil engineering,


Photographic Survey: Introduction to terrestrial and aerial photogrametry, determination of true north


Reference Books:

  1. Surveying -Vol 2,3 & 4 by B.C.Punmia.
  2. Plane and Geodetic surveying -Vol 2 by David Clark
  3. Surveying and leveling- Vol 2 by T .P. Kanetkar and Kulkarni
  4. Fundamentals of surveying-by S.K.Roy, New Delhi.
  5. Surveying –Bannister, Raymond and Baker, Pearson Education
  6. Higher surveying by Norman Thomas
  7. Surveying by Higgins.



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