Madhyamik Exam (WBBSE) 2015 Life Science Sugesstion By Vinay Kumar


Life Science

Category wise Probable Questions


Ø MCQ (For 1 Marks)

Ø Scoring 5 Marks

i) The main excretory organ in man is ………..

(a) kidney         (b) lung,

(c) skin,            (d) liver.

ii) Give an example of an animal which reproduces by budding

(a) Yeast ;                     (b) Hydra ;

(c) Earthworm ;            (d) Star Fish

iii) The shape of the lens present in human eye is ………..

(a) Concave      (b)  Convex

(c)  Bi-convex (d) Bi-concave.

iv) Which one of the followings is not an endocrine gland ?

(a) Salivary gland          (b)  Pituitary gland

(c) Thyroid gland          (d) Adrenal gland.

v) Hormones are also called …………..

(a) enzymes,                             (b) receptor

(c) physical co-ordinators,         (d) chemical co-ordinators.

vi) Why can not a virus be called an organism ?

(a) AS virus has DNA or RNA as the genetic material

(b) A virus is very tiny

(c) A virus acellular

(d) A virus infects a definite host

vii)  If the chromosome number of the somatic cell of a certain plant is 20, the

Chromosome number of a daughter cell after a mitotic cell division will be …………..

a) 5,     b) 10,

c) 20,    d) 40

viii) A beneficial bacterium is ……………

a) Vibrio cholera,                      b) Salmonella typhosa,

c) Lactobacillus trichoides,        d) Mycobacterium leprae.

ix) The fungus that reproduces through budding is …………..

a) Yeast,           b) Penicillium,

c) Aspergillus, d) Puccinia graminis

x) Where is sclera located ?

a) tongue,         b) skin,

c) eye,              d) ear.

xi) Which part of the brain performs thermo-regulation?

(a) Cerebrum                (b) Cerebellum

(c) Hypothalamus         (d) Pons

xii) Which of the following endocrine glands secrete thyroxin hormone?

(a) thyroid,       (b) testes,

(c) adrenal,       (d) pituitary.

xiii) What is the number of autosomes in human somatic cell?

(a) 44               (b) 46

(c) 23               (d) 22