Digital Control Systems

11.1 Introduction
11.2 Spectrum Analysis of Sampling Process
11.3 Signal Reconstruction
11.4 Difference Equations
11.5 The z-transform
11.6 The z-transfer Function (Pulse Transfer Function)
11.7 The Inverse z-transform and Response of Linear Discrete Systems
11.8 The z-transform Analysis of Sampled-data Control Systems
11.9 The z- and s-domain Relationship
11.10 Stability Analysis

Power Losses of Switching Devices

Engineering Mechanics

Paper Code: ME101

Credits: 4

Module I

Importance of Mechanics in engineering; Introduction to Statics; Concept of Particle and Rigid Body; Types of forces: collinear, concurrent, parallel, concentrated, distributed; Vector and scalar quantities; Force is a vector; Transmissibility of a force (sliding vector).

WBUT Question Paper For BCA 1st year Student INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING (CS/BCA/SEM-1/BCA-103/2012-13) Question paper

BCA(CS/BCA/SEM-1/BCA-103/2012-13) | WBUT question paper 2012-13 for INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING of sem-1. This is according to the NEW syllabus of WBUT. This question is for BCA. First year students. WBUT question 2012-13. BCA. (CS/BCA/SEM-1/BCA-103/2012-13) Question.