WBPSC: Misc Preli Exam - 2006 (Eng Ver)

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Public Service Commission West Bengal Miscllenious Service Recruitment Exam - 2006


1.  Which of the following is a fundamental right ?

     (a) Right to work     (b) Right to property     (c) Right to compulsory education     (d) Right against exploitation


2. The metal used in Galvanisation is

    (a) Iron      (b) Silver      (c) Zinc     (d) Copper


3. Who has won the last year's Women's Singles title at the US Open ?

    (a) Justin Henin-Herdenne     (b) Lindsay Davenport      (c) Maria Sharapova     (d) Amelie Mauresmo


4.  The length of a rectangular field is increased by 10% and breadth is decreased by 10%. The net change in area is

     (a) No change     (p) 1 % increase       (c) 2% increase      (d) 1% decrease


5.  Which Amendment Act ensures 30% reservation of seats for Women in the Panchayats ?

    (a) 70 th Amendment Act     (b) 71 st Amendment Act     (c) 73 rd Amendment Act     (d) 75 th Amendment Act


6.  Ortho and Para nitrophenols can be separated by

     (a) Crystallisation       (b) Steam distilation       (c) Sublimation      (d) Filtration 


7. In an examination, 58% passed in English and 68% in Mathematics while 17 % failed in both the subjects. If 215 candidates passed in both the subjects, then number of candidate is

     (a) 450     (b) 475     (c) 480      (d) 500


8.  Who, among the following foreign football players has said that he is not interested to play for India   ?

     (a) Mike Okoro      (b) Douglas     (c) Du      (d) Jose Barreto


9. Pipes A and B can fill an empty tank separately in 3 hrs. and 4 hrs. respectively, While pipe C can empty it in 2hrs. At 6.00 A.M., tank was empty and 3 pipes are opened . The tank will be filled up at

     (a) 12.00 noon      (b) 6.00 PM     (c) 2.00P.M     (d) 11.00 A.M.


10.  The Chairman of the Planning Commission is

    (a) President      (b) Finance Minister      (c) Prime Minister      (d) Minister of Planning


11.  When passed over copper at 300oC, ethyl alcohol vapour forms 

     (a) C2H4       (b) CH3CHO      (c) CH3COCH3     (d) C2H6


12.  Out of 3 positive integers, ratio of the first two numbers is 8:9 and that of the last two numbers is 3 : 4.  If 3rd number is 36, the sum of the first two numbers is

      (a) 102       (b) 5      (c) 48      (d) 53


13. Who is at present the President of Indian Olympic Association

     (a) Sharad Power      (b) K.P.S. Gill       (c) Priya Ranjan Das Munshi       (d) Suresh Kalmadi


14.  First Rs 8,000 of annual income is tax free and income-tax is 1% beyond this. An employee paid Rs. 160 as income-tax in a year. His monthly income is

     (a) Rs. 1500     (b) Rs.2500     (c) Rs. 3500     (d) Rs. 2000


15.  The name associated with the Chipko Movement

     (a) Medha Patekar      (b) Sarala Ben      (c) SalimAli    (d) BabaAmte


16.  On September 20, 2006, Thailand's army seized power by removing the Prime Minister

      (a) Thaksin Shinawatra      (b) Chidchai Vanasatidya     (c) Sonthi Boonyaratglin     (d) Prapart Sakuntanak


17.  Weight of a bucket, when it is half full of water is 8 kg while. When it is 1/5 th full of water, its weight is 5 kg. When it is full of water its weight is

     (a) 13 kg      (b) 15 kg    (c) 12.5 kg    (d) 12 kg


18.  FIFA considered holding reconciliation between Zinedine Zidane and Marco Materazzi in which place ?

    (a) Monaco     (b) Berlin       (c) Robben Island     (d) Dubai


19.  In the same rate, the simple interest of Rs.300 in 4 years and that of Rs. 600 in 3 years together is Rs. 150. The rate is

     (a) 4%      (b) 5%      (c) 6%      (d) 8%


20. The Parliament is composed of

     (a) The Speaker, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha       (b) The Vice-President, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha      (c) The President, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha ,     (d) The Prime Minister, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha


21. Respiratory organ of whale is

     (a) Gills      (b) Lungs      (c) Both lungs and gills      (d) Air sacs


22. In a division problem, quotient and remainder are x and y respectively. If divisor is 7 more than x+y , the dividend is

     (a) x2+7xy+y     (b) x2+7x+xy+y      (c) x2+xy+7x+x      (d) x2+7xy+x+y


23. Who among the following is not an Arjuna Award Winner

     (a) Surya Sekhar Ganguly      (b) Tarundip Rai     (c) Dola Banerjee     (d) Jhanu Hansda


24.  A car is moving 5 m in t sees. Its speed in km/hr is

      (a) [tex] \frac {18}{t}[/tex]      (b) [tex] \frac {3}{10t}[/tex]      (c) [tex] \frac {36}{t}[/tex]     (d) [tex] \frac {3t}{10}[/tex]


25. The Mayor-in-Council of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation is composed of

    (a) Mayor, Deputy Mayor & 10 Councillors

    (b) Mayor, Deputy Mayor & 15 Councillors

    (c) Mayor & 10 Councillors

    (d) Mayor & 15 Councillors


26.  The alkaloid found in Cinchona is

      (a) Reserpine      (b) Nicotine      (c) Morphine      (d) Quinine


27.  If 30% of P = 40 % of Q, then Q is equal to

     (a) 75% of P     (b)80 % of P      (c) 65% of P      (d) 55% of P


28.  Which law of cricket empowers the umpire to alter his decision provided it is done promptly  ?

     (a) Law No.: 25      (b) Law No.: 26.5       (c) Law No.: 27.9      (d) Law Nor :30


29.  1 is subtracted from the square of an odd integer. The greatest integer, by which the result is always divisible is

     (a) 2     (b) 4      (c) 6     (d) 8


30.  Who wrote 'Kadambar'  ?

     (a) Kalidas      (b) Sajanikanta Das      (c) Buddhadev Guha      (d) Banabhatta


31.  In which continent Pangolins are found ?

      (a) Africa      (b) Asia       (c) Australia      (d) Africa & Asia


32.  A train crosses an electric pole and a bridge of length 264 m in 8 sees and 20 secs respectively. The length of the train is

     (a) 176 m       (b) 172 m       (c)264 m      (d) 180 m


33.   A music video based on Tagore Songs in Hindi has been produced by Indrajit Dasgupta that features Ashmit Patel and one of the following Bengali actresses :

     (a) June Maliah      (b) Koneneeka Banerjee      (c) Rituparna Sengupta     (d) Debasree Roy


34.  A boy saves 50 % more money than the previous month. If in two consecutive months, his total saving is Rs. 80, his saving in first month is

    (a) Rs. 24     (b) Rs. 32     (c) Rs. 34     (d) Rs. 36


35.  The author of 'Godan' :

     (a) Shrilal Sukla     (b) Nagarjun      (c) Premchand     (d) Rahul Sankrityayan


36.  Which fish spawns in sea ?

    (a) Eel     (b) Hilsa     (c) Tilapia     (d) Magur


37.  An angle is drawn 89o33' instead of 90o .The error is

    (a) 2%     (b) 1%     (c) [tex] \frac {2}{3}[/tex] %     (d) [tex] \frac {1}{2}[/tex]%


38.  Who is regarded as the innovator of the 'Kheya' form of classical Indian music ?

     (a) Tansen       (b) Amir Khusru      (c) Kabir     (d) Onkarnath Thakur


39.  The digit in the unit position of the sum 1042 + 1052 + 1062   is

    (a) 5      (b) 7      (c) 3     (4) 2


40. Gora was written by

     (a) Pramatha Choudhuri       (b) Surendra Nath Tagore     (c) Rabindra Nath Tagore     (d) Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay


41. What is a male ass called ?

     (a) Jack      (b) Jill      (c) Tom      (d) Jerry


42.  The weight of a body in earth is 9.8 Newton. Its mass will be

     (a) 9.8 kg      (b) 981 gm      (c) l kg    (d) l gm


43. Pankaj Udas is an exponent of

    (a) Kheyal      (b) Bhajan     (c) Thumri      (d) Ghazal


44.  Three bells ring together and after that they ring at an intervals of [tex]3 \frac {1}{3}[/tex] secs,  [tex]2 \frac {2}{5}[/tex] secs,  and [tex]2 \frac {2}{7}[/tex] secs, respectively. They again will ring together after.

     (a) 48 secs      (b) 1 min 12 secs      (c) 3 mins     (d) 4 mins


45. The author of  'Aranyer Adhikar' :

     (a) Bibhuti Bhusan Bandyopadhyay      (b) Mahasweta Devi      (c) Mahadevi Barma     (d)    Anurupa Devi


46.  In which country were the remains of cromagnon found ?

     (a) India      (b) France      (c) Germany      (d) Indonesia


47. Two bodies of masses m1 and m2 are moving with equal kinetic energy. The ratio of their linear momentum is

     (a) [tex]{m_1}:{m_2}[/tex]      (b) [tex]{m_2}:{m_1}[/tex]     (c) [tex]{m_1^2}:{m_2^2}[/tex]      (d) [tex] \sqrt {m_1}: \sqrt {m_2}[/tex]


48.  As a folk dance form Dandiya has originated in

     (a) Gujarat      (b) Maharashtra      (c) Karnataka      (d) Kerala


49.  The circumference of wheel of a car is 'd' m. If it completes 100 revolutions per minute, the velocity of the car is

     (a) 60 d km/hr     (b) 16 d km/hr     (c) 6 d km/hr     (d) 3 d km/hr


50.  Who is the author of  'Idiot' ?

      (a) Boris Pasternak      (b) Robert Frost       (c) Fyodor Dostoevsky     (d) Aldous Huxley


51. Salim Ali is famous for studies on

     (a) Mammals      (b) Birds     (c) Monkeys     (d) Solar system


52.  For the construction of electromagnet wrought iron is preferred to steel because

     (a) It becomes a permanent magnet       (b) Its retentivity is high       (c) Its magnetic strength can be increased at will       (d) Its retentivity is low


53. Lai Haraoba as a form of folk dance developed in

     (a) Manipur       (b) Arunachal Pradesh        (c) Mizoram       (d) Nagaland


54.  A Car takes [tex]2 \frac {1}{2}[/tex] hours more to reach its destination. If moves  [tex] \frac {3}{5}[/tex] times of its normal speed. The time to reach the destination with normal speed is

    (a) [tex]3 \frac {3}{4}[/tex] hrs.     (b) [tex]3 \frac {1}{2}[/tex] hrs.    (c) [tex]4[/tex] hrs.    (d) [tex]4 \frac {1}{4}[/tex] hrs. 


55. Yarrow Revisited was written by ?

      (a) P.B. Shelly      (b) W.H. Auden        (c) William Wordsworth      (d) Ezra Pound


56.  Who has been appointed as the new Foreign Secretary of India to replace Shyam Saran ?

     (a) Shiv Shankar Menon     (b) Shiv Shankar Mukherjee      (c) Rabi Sikri    (d) Nirupama Rao


57.  The ratio of the distance covered to the displacement of a particle moved along a semi-circle of      radius 'r'  is

      (a) [tex]{\pi  \over 4}[/tex]      (b) [tex]{\pi  \over 2}[/tex]       (c) [tex]{3\pi  \over 4}[/tex]      (d) [tex]{\pi}[/tex]


58.  " Lakshmaner Shaktishel " recently presented by The Performers wing at Gyan Manch is based on a script written by

     (a) Upendra Kishor Roy Chaudhuri      (b) Sukumar Ray     (c) Satyajit Ray     (d) Sandip Ray


59.  A and B do a job in 9 and 18 days respectively. They start the job together but A left 3 days before the completion of the job. The job is completed in

     (a) 7 days     (b) 8 days     (c) 9 days     (d) 10 days


60. Who is the author of Canterbury Tales ?

     (a) Herman Melville     (b) John Milton      (c) Geoffrey Chaucer     (d) Stephen Spencer


61. Who is the present President of Iran  ?

     (a) Mohammed Akhbar Rafsanjani       (b) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad       (c) Ayatollah Khameini      (d)  Mohammed Khatami


62. A lens will be invisible in vacuum when the refractive index of the lens is

     (a) negative      (b) more than one       (c) one      (d) less than one


63.  Who among the following is regarded as the founder and Father of Indian drama ?

     (a) Kalidasa     (b) Bhababhuti       (c) Bhasa    (d) Shudraka


64.  4 oranges are sold at cost price of 5 oranges. The percentage of profit is

     (a) 20%      (b) 25%     (c) [tex]22  \frac {1}{2}[/tex] %     (d) [tex]17 \frac {1}{2}[/tex] %


65.  Who wrote 'The Jew of Malta' ?

     (a) Ben Jonson     (b) Christopher Marlowe     (c) William Shakespeare     (d) George Bernerd Shaw


66.  Which of the following has lost its status as a planet among the scientists ?

     (a) Pluto      (b) Neptune      (c) Saturn     (d) Mercury


67.  Hydrogen Bomb was discovered by using ,

     (a) Nuclear fission     (b) Nuclear fusion      (c) Radioactive disintegration      (d) Artificial transmutation


68.  Who wrote the drama 'Kallol'  ?

     (a) Shambhu Mitra     (b) Utpal Dutta       (c) Rudra Prasad Sengupta     (d) Ajitesh Bandyopadhyay


69.  Pure milk and water is mixed in the ratio 5 : 1 . If cost of pure milk is Rs. 1200 per Iitre , the cost of 1 litre of such mixed milk is

     (a)Rs. l0.00     (b) Rs.10.50      (c) Rs.10.75     (d) Rs.11.00


70.  Name the oldest book of the Aryans :

     (a) Rigveda      (b) Samaveda       (c)YajurVeda      (d) AtharvaVeda


71. Who is the director of the Film  "The Bong Connection"  ?

     (a) Goutam Ghosh     (b) Anjan Dutta      (c) Puddhadeb Dasgupta     (d) Tarun Majumdar


72. A copper wire of circuler cross section has a resistance of  [tex]2\Omega[/tex] . If the length and radius of cross section of the wire both be come half of its original value, then its resistance will be

    (a) [tex]2\Omega[/tex]     (b) [tex]1\Omega[/tex]     (c) [tex]8\Omega[/tex]    (d) [tex] 4\Omega[/tex] 


73.  The Ranns are

     (a) Deserts      (b) Gulfs      (c) Playa lakes      (d) Sand dunes


74.  When water is frozen into ice, volume is increased by 10 %. Then if  ice is melted into water, volume is decreased by .

     (a) 10%     (b) 9%     (c) [tex] 9 \frac {9}{11}[/tex]      (d) [tex] 9 \frac {1}{11}[/tex]


75. Who is the auther of Ramcharita ?

    (a) Dharmapala     (b) Sandhyakar Nandi     (c) Gopala     (d) Rampala


76. Who is the first independent MLA  appointed as the Chief Minister of a State Government in India ?

    (a) Arjun Munda of Jharkhand     (b) Madhu Koda of Jharkhand      (c) Coomaraswamy Deve Gouda of Karnataka      (d) Ajit jogi of Chattisgarh


77.  Benzalchloride is hydrolysed by calcium hydroxide solution to form

     (a) Benzoic acid      (b) Benzal dehyde      (c) Benzyl alcohol     (d) Benzoin


78.  Seifs are

     (a) Deserts     (b) Gulfs     (c) Playa lakes     (d) Sand dunes


79.  The ratio of two numbers is 2 : 3 while their LCM is

     (a) 45    (b) 48     (c) 63    (d) 36


80.  In which year was the battle of Talikota fought ?

    (a) 1565 A.D    (b) 1192 A.D     (c) 1191 A.D      (d) 1526 A.D


81.  Which Film has popularized the idea of  "Gandhigiri" recently ?

     (a) Maine Gandhi ko Nahin Mara     (b) Gandhi     (c) Lage Raho Munnabhai      (d) Hey Ram e Gandhi


82. Quick Lime is

    (a) CaCO3      (b) CaO    (c) CaCL2     (d) CaH2


83.  Shorea Robusta is the Latin name of

     (a) Sal       (b) Sishu       (c) Segun       (d) Sandalwood


84.  The present ages of father and his son are 18x and 2x2 respectively. When father was 3x2 years old, age of son was x+4  .Present age of father is

       (a) 58    (b) 68      (c) 70     (d) 72


85. Who wrote Akbarnama ?

    (a) AbulFazl      (b) Todar Mal      (c) Ibn Batutah       (d) Abdul Kader Badauni


86. Why Singur village of Hoogly district has been frequently in the news recently ?

    (a) Because of farmer's agitation      (b) Because of drought conditions     (c) Because of rapid industrial development     (d) Because of government  meaures to acquire land there for car manufacturing project of the Tata group.


87.  Combustion of methane produces of 

     (a) CO2+H2      (b) CO2+H2O      (c) N2+H2     (d) O2+H2


88.  Rudraprayag is at the confluence of  

      (a) Alakananda-Bhagirathi     (b) Alakananda-Mandakini      (c) Mandakini-Songanga    (d) Mandakini-Ganga


89.  A fraction is multiplied by itself and then divided by its reciprocal. The result becomes  [tex] \frac {512}{27}[/tex].  The original fraction is

      (a) [tex] \frac {7}{3}[/tex]    (b) [tex] \frac {3}{7}[/tex]  (c) [tex] \frac {8}{3}[/tex]     (d) [tex] \frac {3}{4}[/tex] 


90.  Who founded the Calcutta Madrasa ?

     (a) Lord Cornwallis      (b) Warren Hastings       (c) Raja Radhakanta Deb     (d) Raja Rammohan Roy


91.  Who is Bina Ramani ?

      (a)  A social Worker       (b) A prime witness in Jessica Lal murder case     (c) A film actress   (d)  A model


92. The colour of alkaline phenolphthalein solution is

     (a) blue     (b) deep pink      (c) violet      (d) green


93. Regur  is

     (a) red soil      (b) lateritic soil      (c) black soil     (d) alluvial soil


94. Sugarcane is grown mainly in the

     (a) Bhabar      (b) Bhangar      (c) Regur     (d) Laterite


95. Where did the first meeting of the Indian National Congress take place ?

     (a) Calcutta       (b) Delhi       (c) Poona       (d) Bombay


96. Who among the following Indians was a candidate for the post of Secretary General of the United Nations Organization ?

      (a) Kunal Natwar Singh      (b) Yashwant Singh       (c) Shashi Tharoor     (d) Mani Shankar Aiyar


97.  The number of chiral carbons present in tartaric acid is

     (a) 2     (b) 4      (c) 3     (d) 1


98.  The largest producer of iron ore is

      (a) Jharkhand      (b) Karnataka      (c) Orissa     (d) Chattisgarh


99.  The state with the highest population density is

     (a) Kerala     (b) West Bengal     (c) Uttar Pradesh      (d) Uttaranchal


100.  Who was known as the 'Frontier Gandhi' ?

     (a) Mahmud Al Hasan      (b) Muhammad Ali Jinnah      (c) Hazrat Mohani    (d) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan



 1. (d)      2. (c)      3. (a)       4. (d)       5. (c)      6. (b)      7. (d)       8. (a)       9. (b)    10.  (c)

11. (a)    12. (b)    13. (d)     14. (d)      15. (d)     16. (a)    17. (a).    18. (c)    19. (b)     20. (a) 

21. (b)    22. (b)    23. (d)     24. (a)      25. (a)     26. (d)    27. (a)     28. (a)    29. (d)     30. (d)

31. (a)    32. (a)    33. (c)     34. (b)      35. (c)     36. (b)    37. (d)     38. (d)    39. (b)     40. (c)  

41. (a)    42. (c)    43. (b)     44. (d)      45. (b)     46. (d)    47. (d)     48. (a)    49. (c)     50. (c)

51. (c)    52. (b)    53. (d)     54. (a)      55. (c)     56. (b)    57. (b)     58. (b)    59. (b)     60. (c)

61. (c)    62. (c)    63. (a)     64. (b)      65. (b)     66. (a)    67. (b)     68. (b)    69. (a)     70. (a)

71. (b)    72. (d)    73. (b)     74. (c)      75. (b)     76. (b)    77. (a)     78. (d)    79. (a)     80. (a) 

81. (c)    82. (b)    83. (b)     84. (d)       85. (a)    86. (d)    87. (b)     88. (b)    89. (c)     90. (b)

91. (b)    92. (c)    93. (c)     94. (b)       95. (d)    96. (c)    97. (a)     98. (a)    99. (b)    100. (d)           ***          



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