WBPSC: Misc Preli Exam - 2007 (Eng Ver)

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WBPSC: Miscellaneous Preli Exam -2007 (Eng Ver)


1.  Which of the following Indian Police Service Officer has recently announced voluntary retirement  ?

      (a) K.N. Misra       (b) Ashok Pradarshni        (c) Kiran Bedi      (d) Badal Das


2.  The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth is  :

     (a) Don McKinnon       (b) Kamalesh Sharma      (c) Avinash Chander      (d) Vijay Kelkar


3.  Who is the famous South Indian Musician and saint, who was an exponent of Karnatic music  ?

     (a) Tyagaraja     (b) B. Subramanium A     (c) R. Ramachandran     (d) P. Venkataraman


4.  Which of the following is electrovalent  ?

    (a) Oxygen molecule    (b) Sodium chloride     (c) Water    (d) Ammonia


5.  Kuchipudi is a dance from  :

    (a) Kerala     (b) Tamil Nadu     (c) Karnataka     (d) Andhra Pradesh


6.  The famous Ilbert Bill Controversy arose during the tenure of :

     (a) Lord Mayo    (b) Lord Lytton    (c) Lord Dufferin    (d) Lord Ripon


7.  Neutrons in an atom :

    (a) Are equal to the number of electrons and protons

    (b) Revolve about the nucleus in fixed orbit

    (c) Contribute to nuclear charge

    (d) Vary in number with different isotope


8.  Which dance is in a form of dance drama in Kerala and is usually performed in the open and lasts the whole night ?

    (a) Mohiniattam      (b) Kathakali      (c) Ottam Thullal      (d) Kuchipudi


9.  The circulation of blood in closed circulatory system was discovery by :

    (a) Fransic Darwin     (b) William Harvey     (c) G. Mendel     (d) Hippocrates


10.  The Chief Minister of Kerala is :

    (a) H.D. Kumaraswamy     (b) M. Karunanidhi      (c) A.K. Anthony     (d) V.S. Achuthanandah


11.  The Chief Justice of Pakistan's Supreme Court suspended last year by President Musharraf was  :

      (a) Shaukat Aziz     (b) Anees Fahim    (c) Ifthikar Chaudhury     (d) Farooq Leghari


12.  The value of  [tex]{{\left( {{1 \over 2} + {1 \over 2} + {1 \over 2} + {1 \over 2}} \right) + {1 \over 2}} \over {{\frac{1}{4} + \frac{1}{ 4} + \frac{1}{4} + \frac{1}{4} + \frac{1}{4}}[/tex] 


  (a) 2      (b) [tex]{3 \over 2}[/tex]      (c) [tex]{4 \over 13}[/tex]      (d) [tex]3{6 \over 13}[/tex]   


13.  Who is the eminent Marathi screen play writer and journalist, who received the K.K. Birla Foundation's Saraswati Samman Award for his play 'Kanyadan'  ?

     (a) Girish Karnad     (b) Vijay Tendulkar     (c) Anna Shahib    (d) Neelu Phule


14.  'Subsidiary Alliance' system was introduced by :

     (a) Lord Dalhousie     (b) Lord Curzon    (c) Lord Hatings     (d) Lord Wellesley


15.  The present ages of three persons are in proportions 4 : 7 : 9 .  Eight years ago, the sum of their ages was 56. Find their present ages (in years)

     (a) 20,  35,  45     (b) 8, 20, 28     (c) 16,28, 36     (d) 20, 36, 46


16.  A vendor losses the selling price of 4 oranges on selling 36 oranges. Her loss percent is : 

      (a) 10%      (b) [tex]11{1 \over 9}[/tex] %      (c)  [tex]12{1 \over 2}[/tex] %     (d) None of the above


17.  Which of the following occupy 22.4 litres at N.T.P.  ? 

     (a) 17 gms NH3 (b) 22 gms CO2     (c) 1.7 gms NH3      (d) 4.4 gms CO2


18.  Who is the eminent Bengali dramatist who wrote "Abong Indrajit "  ?

     (a) Manoj Mitra    (b) Prapto Mitra     (c) Badal Sarkar    (d) Mohit Chattopadhya


19.  X got 30% concession on the labelled price of an article and sold it for Rs. 8750 with 25% profit on the price she bought. What was the labelled price  ?

    (a) Rs.16,000     (b) Rs.12,000      (c) Rs. 10,000     (d) None of above


20.  Which of the following countries has recently been suspended from the Commonwelth  ? 

     (a) Pakistan      (b) South Africa     (c) India    (d) Sri Lanka


21. Who launched the Non-Cooperation Movement in 1920  ?

     (a) Frontier Gandhi     (b) Surendranath Banerjee     (c) Woomesh Chandra Banerjee    (d) None of the above


22. The birth place of which of the following English writers in Mumbai will be converted into a museum dedicated to him ?

   (a) Rudyard Kipling    (b) Robert Browning    (c) Jim Corbett     (d) William Blake


23.  In a school 10% of the boys are same in number as [tex] \frac {1} {4}[/tex] th of the girls. What is the ratio of boys to girls in that shool  ?

   (a) 3 : 2     (b) 5 : 2      (c) 2 : 1    (d) 4 : 3


24.  What will be the final temperature when 80 calories of heat is taken out from 1 gm of water at 0°C  ?

(a) -1 °C    (b) -80°C      (c) 1 °C     (d) 0°C


25.  The following is not a member of the European Union :

    (a) Turkey     (b) Cyprus      (c) Slovakia     (d) Ireland


26.  Three taps A, B and C can fill a tank in 12, 15 and 20 hours respectively. If A is open all the time and B and C are open for one hour each alternately, the tank will be full in :

   (a) 6 hrs.    (b) [tex] 6 \frac {2} {3}[/tex]hrs     (c) 5 hrs     (d) [tex] 7 \frac {1}{2}[/tex]hrs 


27.  Whe was ' Purna Swaraj ' day first celebrated  ?

    (a) 15th August, 1947    (b) 15th August, 1930     (c) 26th January, 1950    (d) 26th January, 1930


28.  A dog takes 4 leaps for evry 5 leaps of a hare but 3 leaps of a dog are equal to 4 leaps of the hare. Compare their speeds in terms of ratio of their speed.

   (a) Dog's speed : hare's speed = 15 : 16

   (b) Dog's Speed : hare's speed = 16 : 15

   (c) Dog's speed : hare's speed = 3 : 5

  (d) Dog's speed : hare's speed = 5 : 3


29.  Which of ithe following Organisations has set the target of reducing Greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by the year 2050 ?

     (a) United Nations     (b) UNDP     (c) G-8     (d) SAARC


30. Which of the following countries has recently signed the Kyoto Protocol ?

     (a) India     (b) USA     (c) China     (d) Australia


31.  In the alkane series methane is followed by :

     (a) Propane     (b) Butane     (c) Benzene      (d) Ethane


32.  Which of the following States has the largest size of population  ?

      (a) Uttar Pradesh      (b) Madhya Pradesh     (c) West Bengal    (d) Maharashtra


33.  Who was the Men's national senior billiard champion in 2007  ?

     (a) Pankaj Advani      (b) Ashok Shandilya     (c) Abhijeet Gupta     (d) None of the above


34.  Which State is regarded as the land of five rivers  ?

     (a) Gujarat     (b) Assam      (c) Chattisgarh      (d) Punjab


35. The ratio of the speeds of two trains is 7 : 8. If the second train runs 400 kms in 4 hours, then the speed of the first train is :

     (a) 70 km/hr    (b) 75 km/hr     (c) 84 km/hr     (d) 87.5 km/hr


36. How long does a train 110 metre long runing at the speed of 72 km/ hr take to cross a bridge 132 metres in length  ?

    (a) 9.8 sec     (b) 12.1 sec     (c) 12.42 sec      (d) 14.3 sec


37. The most populous city of India in 2001 is :

    (a) Kolkata      (b) Chennai       (c) Delhi      (d) Mumbai


38.  A boatman goes 2 km against the current of the stream in 1 hour and goes 1 km along the current in 10 minutes. How long will it take to go 5 km in stationary water  ?

     (a) 40 mins      (b) 1 hr     (c) 1 hr 12 mins     (d) 1 hr 30 mins


39.  China's national game is :  

      (a) Footaball      (b) Hockey      (c) Polo     (d) Table Tennis


40.  The new Comptroller and Auditor General of India is :

      (a) V. N. Kaul      (b) V. K. Joshi      (c) D. K. Sikri      (d) V. Rai


41.  In 10 years,  A will be twice as old as B was 10 years ago. If A is now 9 years older than B, the present age of B is :

    (a) 29 years     (b) 19 years,      (c) 49 years      (d) 39 years


42. The largest rice producing State in India is :

     (a) West Bengal      (b) Punjab      (c) Uttar Pradesh      (d) Haryana


43. In what ratio must water be mixed with milk costing Rs. 12 per litre to obtain a mixture worth Rs. 8 per litre  ? 

    (a) l : 2      (b) 2: 1      (c) 2 : 3     (d) 3 : 2


44.  Organic compound used for welding and artificially ripening of fruits is :

     (a) CH4      (b) C2H6       (c) C2H2      (d) C2H4


45. The term 'Penhold Grip' is associated with :

     (a) Tennis     (b) Rowing      (c) Table Tennis      (d) Hockey


46.  A train starts with the speed of 70 km / hr with its speed increasing every two hours by 10 km / hr. In how many hours will it cover 345 kms  ?

     (a) [tex]2 \frac {1}{4}[/tex] hrs      (b) 4 hrs 5 mins      (c) [tex]4 \frac {1}{2}[/tex] hrs     (d) None of above


47. The oldest oil field in India is :

    (a) Moran     (b) Makum       (c) Digboi      (d) Dibrugarh


48.  Rolland Garros is associated with    

    (a) Badminton       (b) Football       (c) Tennis      (d) Rowing


49. The diagonal of a square is [tex] 4 \sqrt {2}[/tex] cm. The diagonal of another square whose area is double that of the first square, is :

     (a) 8 cm      (b) [tex] 8 \sqrt {2}[/tex] cm.     (c) [tex] 4 \sqrt {2}[/tex] cm.     (d) 16 cm


50. The Chief Justice of High Court is appointed by :

   (a) The Governor of the State     (b) The President of India      (c) The Chief Ministers of the States      (d) The Chief Justice of Supreme Court


51. Keenan stadium is located at :

    (a) Jamshedpur      (b) Cuttack      (c) Patna       (d) Ranchi


52. When the temperature of a metal rises, its electrical resistance :

    (a) Increases      (b) Decreases      (c) Does not change     (d) None of the above


53.  The difference between simple and compound interest @10% per annum on a sum of Rs. 1000 after 4 years is :

    (a) Rs. 31     (b) Rs. 32.10     (c) Rs. 40.40     (d) Rs. 64.10


54. The edges of a cuboid are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3 and its surface area is 88 cm2 . The volume of the cuboid is :

     (a) 24 cm3     (b) 48 cm3     (c) 64 cm3     (d) 120 cm3


55.  The maximum length of a pencil that can be kept in a rectangular box of dimensions [tex]8cm \times 6cm \times 2cm[/tex], is :

    (a) [tex]2 \sqrt {13}[/tex] cm.     (b) [tex] 2 \sqrt {14}[/tex] cm.     (c) [tex]2 \sqrt {26}[/tex] cm.     (d) [tex]10 \sqrt {2}[/tex] cm.


56. The Sunfeast Open Tournament (2007) was won by :

     (a) Vania King     (b) Sania Mirza      (c) Mariya Korytheseva      (d) Maria Kirilenko


57.  The 'Tattvabodhini Sabha' was founded by :

    (a) H.V. Derozio     (b) Rammohan Roy      (c) Debendranath Takhur      (d) Swami Vivekananda


58.  At what time between 9 and 10 o'clock will the hands of a watch be together  ?

    (a) 45 min past 9     (b) 50 min past 9     (c) [tex]49 \frac {1}{11}[/tex] min past 9     (d) [tex]48 \frac {2}{11}[/tex] min past 9


59. In rabbit, the digestion of cellulose takes place in :

    (a) Rectum      (b) Ileum       (c) Colon       (d) Caecum     


60. The Chief Election Commissioners is :

     (a) Elected by the Parliament      (b) Appointed by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs      (c) Appointed by the President      (d) Nominated by the Prime Minister


61.  Production of heat due to flow of electric current through a conductor is given by :

     (a) Joule effect     (b) Joule-Thomason effect      (c) Seebeck effect    (d) Peltier effect


62.  Dr. M. S. Subbulakshmi has distinguished herself in the field of :

    (a) Kathak      (b) Bharat Natyam     (c) Playing Violin      (d) Vocal Music


63.  Which of the following elements is essential for animals but not in plants ?

     (a) Potassium      (b) Phosphorus      (c) Calcium      (d) Iodine


64.  Who edited 'Harijan' Patrika  ?

     (a) Aurobindo Ghosh      (b) Mahatma Gandhi       (c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak     (d) Bipin Pal


65.  Aqua regia is a mixture of :

     (a) One part HNO3 and three parts HCl     (b) Three parts HNO3 and one part HCl     (c) One part H2SO4 and three parts HCl     (d) Three parts H2SO4 and one part HCl


66.  If [tex] \frac {3}{5}[/tex] th of a cistern is filled in 1 minute, how much more time will be required to fill the rest of it  ? 

     (a) 40 sec      (b) 30 sec      (c) 36 sec      (d) 24 sec


67. Ustad Amzad Ali Khan is an exponent of :

    (a) Santoor      (b) Sarod      (c) Violin      (d) Tabla


68.  A number was divided successively in order by 4, 5 and 6. The remainders were respectively 2, 3 and 4. The number is :

    (a) 214     (b) 476      (c) 954      (d) 1908


69.  A.C. is used in homes because :

     (a) It is safe     (b) It is easily reproducible     (c) It is cheap     (d) It is economical in transmission


70.  Generally who are the members of the Gram Sabha ?

    (a) All the heads of families of the respective villages

    (b) All the voters in the respective village

    (c) All adult males in the villages

    (d) Nominated members


71. Anhydrous CaO may be used to dry :

    (a) H2S gas      (b) NH3     (c) CO2 gas      (d) HCl gas


72.  A two digit number is such that the product of the digits is 8. When 18 is added to the number, then the number is reserved. The number is

    (a) 18      (b) 42     (c) 81    (d) 24 


73. Author of the novel "Madame Bovary" is :

     (a) Emil Zola      (b) Flaubert      (c) Kafka      (d) Victor Hugo


74.  In a camp, 95 men had provisions for 200 days. After 5 days, 30 men left the camp. For how many days will the remaining food last now ?

    (a) 180     (b) 285     (c) [tex]139 \frac {16}{19}[/tex]     (d) 28.5


75.  The ratio of the incomes of A and B is 5 : 4 and the ratio of their expenditure is 3 : 2 If at the end of each year, each saves Rs. 1600, then the income of A is :

    (a) Rs. 3400     (b) 3600      (c) 4000     (d) 4400


76. The only Sultan of Delhi who exempted his subjects from nearly 24 taxes was :

    (a) Mubarak Shah Khalji      (b) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq      (c) Firoz Tughlaq     (d) Sikandar Lodi


77.  A force of 5 N acts on a body for 0.2 sees. The change in momentum of the body is :

    (a) 1 kg ms-l      (b) 0.1 kg ms-1     (c) 10 kg ms-1     (d)  The given data is insufficient


78. We find  " Indir Thakrun " in :

     (a) Aranyak      (b) Pather Panchali       (c) Ichamati      (d) Devajan


79. In bacteria, which of the following photosynthesis is present ?

    (a) PS I     (b) PS II     (c) Both PS I and PS II     (d) None of the above


80. The President of India is elected by an electoral college comprising the :

     (a) Members of the Loke Sabha only

     (b) Members of the Rajya Sabha only

     (c) Elected Members of both Houses of Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assemblies of all States

     (d) Members of both Houses


81. Given that the absolute refractive indices of water and glass are [tex] \frac {4}{3}[/tex] and [tex] \frac {3}{2}[/tex] respectively. What is the refracrtive index of glass with reference to water  ?

     (a) [tex] \frac {2}{3}[/tex]      (b) [tex] \frac {8}{9}[/tex]      (c) [tex] \frac {9}{8}[/tex]      (d) [tex] \frac {3}{4}[/tex]


82. At which part of the tongue are the taste buds for sweet taste located ?

     (a) Tip     (b) Back      (c) Sides       (d) Middle


83.  "Hans Christian Andersen" was bona in :

     (a) Poland       (b) Russia      (c) Denmark      (d) Germany


84. Half of 1 percent is equal to :

     (a) 0.005      (b) 0.05       (c) 0.02      (d) 0.2


85. What is the smallest number by which 3600 be divided to make it a perfect cube  ?

    (a) 9       (b) 450       (c) 50      (d) 300


86.  " Geeta-Govindam " by Kabi Joydev was written in :

     (a) Bengali       (b) Sanskrit       (c) Maithili        (d) Apabhramsa


87.  The proposed site for private port in West Bengal is  :

     (a) Falta        (b) Kakdwip       (c) Kulpi       (d) Sagar Island


88. The native land of "Jim Corbett" is:

     (a) England       (b) India       (c) Germany       (4) France


89. The fuel in a nuclear ractor is :

     (a) Graphite       (b) Heavy water        (c) Cadmium       (d) Uranium


90. To whom is the Council of Ministers collectively responsible  ?

    (a) The President       (b) The Prime Minister       (c) The Lok Sabh      (d) The Rajya Sabha


91. Iris is the anterior part of :

     (a) Retina       (b) Choroid       (c) Sclera      (d) Cornea


92.   Editor of the Magazine " Sambad-Pravakar " was :

     (a) Debendra Nath Thakur       (b) Akshoy Kumar Dutta       (c) Pearychand Mitra      (d) Iswar Chandra Gupta


93. Which city is called Gateway of India  ?

    (a) Kolkata       (b) Chennai        (c) Mumbai        (d) Delhi


94. One of the famous tragedies of Shakeshpeare is :

    (a) The Merchant of Venice      (b) Macbeth       (c) The Tempest      (d) As you like it


95. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting because it plays a vital , role in the synthesis of :

    (a) Thromboplastin       (b) Fibrinogen      (e) Prothrombin      (d) All of the above


96. Water equivalent of body is measured in :

    (a) Degrees centrigrade      (b) Calories      (c) Grams      (d) Dyens


97.  Which book is written by Satyendra Nath Dutta ?

    (a) Agnibina      (b) Kuhu-O-Keka       (c) Sagar-Theke-Fera       (d) Trijama


98. Name the Indian play-wright ,  actor and director, recipient of Sangeet Natak Akademi Award (1972), Kamala Devi Award 71, Homi Bhaba Fellowship for creative work and Bharatiya Jnanpith Award (1999) :

     (a) Shekhar Kapur       (b) Amol Palekar       (c) Girish Karnad      (c) Kamal Hasan


99. Density of population is highest in which State of India ?

    (a) West Bengal      (b) Maharashtra       (c) Bihar       (d) Uttar Pradesh


100.  Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides the Parliament the power to amend the Constitution ?

     (a) 360      (b) 368      (c) 390      (d) 348   



Answer to Misc. Service Recruitment Exam-2007 (Prelim)
1.(c)  2.(a)   3.(b)   4.(b)  5.(d)  6.(d)  7.(d)  8.(b) 9.(b) 10.(d) 11.(c)


13.(a) 14.(d) 15.(c)
6.(b) 17.(a) 18.(c) 19.(c) 20.(a) 21.(d) 22.(a) 23.(b) 24.(d) 25.(a) 26.(d) 27.(d) 28.(b) 29.(c) 30.(b)
31.(d) 32.(a) 33.(a) 34.(d) 35.(d) 36.(b) 37.(d) 38.(c) 39.(d) 40.(d) 41.(d) 42.(a) 43.(b) 44.(c) 45.(c)
46.(c) 47.(c)  48.(b) 49.(a) 50.(b) 51.(a)  52.(a) 53.(d) 54.(b) 55.(c) 56.(c) 57.(c) 58.(c) 59.(d) 60.(c)
61.(a) 62.(d) 63,(4) 64.(b) 65.(a) 66.(a) 67.(b) 68.(a) 69.(b) 70.(d) 71.(b) 72.(d) 73.(b) 74.(b) 75.(c)
76.(C) 77.(a) 78.(b) 79.(a) 80.(c) 81 .(c) 82.(a) 83.(c) 84.(a) 85.(b) 86.(b) 87.(c) 88.(b) 89.(d) 90.(c)
91.(a) 92.(d) 93.(C) 94.(b) 95.(a) 96.(c) 97.(b) 98.(c) 99.(a) 100.(b)          



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