WBPSC: Misc Preli Exam - 2008 (Eng Ver)

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PSC Miscellaneous ( Preli) Exam -2008 English Version


1.  'Todas' from a tribal group of  :

     (A) Nilgiri Hills      (B) Satpura range  (C) Kanya Kumarika     (D) Chotonagpur Plateau


2.  The only vector quantity among the following is

     (A) Electric charge    (B)   Electric field intensity   (C) Electric potential    (D)   Electrical Resistance


3.  The current in a 100 W,   220V electric light is :  

     (A) [tex]\frac{5}{{11}}[/tex] amp      (B) [tex]\frac{6}{{11}}[/tex] amp      (C) [tex]\frac{3}{{11}}[/tex] amp      (D) [tex]\frac{4}{{11}}[/tex] amp


4.  Urea was the  first Organic compound synthesized in laboratory by 

    (A) Lavoisier       (B) Wohler    (C) Berzelious     (D) Pasteur


5.  The role of CO2 in increasing the average temperature of the Earth is :

    (A) 49%      (B) 14%      (C) 18%      (D) 13%


6.  The mammalian nerve cell always found in :

    (A) G2  Stage     (B) G1 Stage       (C) G0 Stage     (D) M Stage


7.  Cost price of sugar is decreased by 20% . Then what will be the amount of sugar one get more with the money which was the price of 20 kg. sugar, before  ?

    (A) 16 kg.    (B) 10 kg.    (C) 4 kg.     (D) 5 kg.


8. Weight of a pitcher fully with water is 16. 5 kg. Weight of the same  pitcher is 7.5 kg. When [tex]\frac{2}{{5}}[/tex]  part of its is filled with water, what will be weight when its 1/2  part is filled up ?

    (A) 9 kg.    (B)   10 kg.   (C) 3 kg.    (D)   15 kg.


9. The sum of ages of three person is 171 yrs. 8 yrs. ago ratio of their ages was 8 : 7 : 6 . Find out their present age.

    (A) 68 yrs. 67 yrs. 35 yrs.     (B)  64 yrs, 57 yrs. 50 yrs.    (C) 55 yrs. 40 yrs.47 yrs.    (D)  75 yrs, 82 yrs. 90 yrs.


10.  Find out a number so that ratio of  [tex]\frac{3}{{4}}[/tex] with the number is equal to ratio of the number with [tex]\frac{27}{{64}}[/tex] 

      (A)  [tex]\frac{9}{{16}}[/tex]   (B)  [tex]\frac{9}{{16}}[/tex]   (C)  [tex]\frac{7}{{16}}[/tex]    (D)  [tex]\frac{9}{{16}}[/tex]


11.  Find out the last digit of the number (137)731

       (A) 3   (B)   5        (C) 1    (D) 8


12.  A rocket left from the earth to land on the moon and return to the earth . It will require the greatest energy to   

     (A) Lift from the earth     (B) Land of the moon     (C) Lift from the moon     (D) Land on the earth


13.  Of the following nuclei, which two have an equal numbers of neutrons  ?

      (A) Ne20, Ne21   (B) C12, N14    (C) C12,  N13       (D) Li7, Be9


14.  Atomic weight of an element is 24 and its atomic number is 12 . Therefore its equivalent weight will be:      

      (A) 12        (B) 24     (C) 16      (D) 48


15. Somatic diploid nucleus is termed as  

      (A) pro- nucleus       (B) Amphinucleus       (C) Hemlnucleus         (D) Heterokaryon


16.  Tracheal Gill is found in     

      (A) Limulus or King carb       (B) Mosquito Larva     (C) Fish        (D) Salamander


17.  Find out the ratio in which Darjeeling tea costing Rs.32 per kg. and Assam tea costing Rs. 25 per kg. are mixed and then the mixture is sold in Rs.32.40 per kg. at a profit of 20%.      

     (A) 2 : 5      (B) 3 : 4     (C) 5 : 6     (D) None of the above


18. Average of first four number among five numbers Rs. is 26 and that last of four numbers is 25 .       Find out the difference between the first and fifth number.

      (A) 5      (B) 4    (C) 6        (D) 7


19.  The denominator of a fraction which is equal to [tex]\frac{2}{{4\frac{2}{3}}}[/tex]  is 7. Find the numerator: 

     (A)  11    (B)  32    (C)  [tex]3\frac{2}{{11}}[/tex]      (D)  [tex]\frac{5}{{11}}[/tex]


20.  Length of a page of your exercise book is 15 cms and breadth of the same is 12 cm. There is 2 cm, broad margin in each side of the page . find out the area ot the page where you write.

      (A) l00 sq.cm.     (B) 92 sq.cm. (C) 95 sq.cm     (D) 98 sq.cm.


21.  Area of a square 'P' is  [tex]\frac{{121}}{{256}}[/tex] part of the area of square 'Q' . Length of the square 'P' will be a part of the length of the side of square 'Q' . Find out the part.   

     (A) [tex]\frac{1}{{16}}[/tex]       (B)  [tex]\frac{{11}}{{16}}[/tex]      (C) [tex]\frac{{13}}{{16}}[/tex]      (D) [tex]\frac{{2}}{{16}}[/tex]


22.  Article 19 of the Indian Constitution is related to  

     (A) right to equality      (B) right to freedom of religion      (C) right against exploitation    (D) right to freedom


23.  The financial emergency ( Art-360) was imposed first time  in the year of

      (A) 1962      (B) 1965      (C) 1975      (D) None of the above


24.  Eminent Coach Jagminder Sing was awarded  Dronachrya Award, 2008 for the game of  

     (A) Archery      (B) Wrestling       (C) Boxing      (D) Volleyball


25. The Olimpic games of 2008 was held in the city of :  

     (A) Shanghai      (B) Beijing     (C) Tokyo     (D) Seoul


26. The which Indian Cricketer was hounered by Wisden Cricketers' Almanack for 2008 as one of the five Cricketers of the year ?  

     (A) Anil Kumble      (B) V.V. S. Laxman       (C) Harabhajan Singh      (D) Zaheer Khan


27. Who Composed the famous music 'Imagine'  ?  

     (A) John Lenon       (B) Ricky Martin      (C) Pit Sigar     (D) Paul Robson


28. What is 'Jagaddal '  ?

      (A) A short story      (B) An old Ford car     (C) A Film      (D) A factory


29. 'Shylock' is a character of the drama :   

    (A) As you like it     (B) the merchant of Venice     (C) The Tempest    (D) Twelfth Night


30.  Who was the founder of ' Slave Dynasty' in India  ?  

     (A) Mahmud       (B) Muhammad Ghori     (C) Qutab-ud-din Aibak     (D) Iltutmish


 30.  Who was the founder of ' Slave Dynasty' in India  ?

      (A) Mahmud    (B) Muhammad Ghori    (C) Qutab-ud-din Aibak     (D) Iltutmish


31. The black soil of Western India is called :

     (A) Regur     (B) Terra Rosa    (C) Terja    (D) Laterite


32. Nagarjunasagar Multipurpose Project included the construction of a dam across

      (A) River Ganga       (B) River Son      (C)   River   Jhelum       (D) River Krishna


33.  10 gm. of ice at 0°C is mixed with 10 gm. of water at 10°C. Temperature of the mixture will be :

     (A) 1°C    (B) 0°C    (C) 10°C    (D) 5°C


34. The number of electrons in the outermost orbit of the element of atomic number 15 is :

     (A) 1    (B) 3     (C) 5    (D) 7


35. Which one of the following is the most soluble in water  ?

    (A) Mg(OH)2       (B) Sr(OH)2    (C) Ca(OH)2    (D) Ba(OH)2


36. Which of the following is not a Pyrimidine base ?

     (A) Thymine       (B) Uracil      (C) Guanine       (D) Cytosine


37. The ratio of length and breadth of a rectangular space is 3 :1. Its area is 192 Sq. meter . Find out its length and breadth,

      (A) 24 meter, 8 meter        (B) 30 meter, 15 meter      (C) 48 meter, 26 meter    (D) 50 meter, 10 meter


38. There is a drum containing 5 kl. 432 lit. mustard oil, and another drum containg 5 Kl. 917 lit. coconut oil. A number of tins of same size are fully filled up with two types of oils sepatately. Find out the possible largest volume of each tin .  ?

      (A) 100 lit.     (B) 120 lit.    (C) 130 lit       (D) None of the above


39.  Weight of 1 litre water is 1 Kg.   Find out the volume of 0.1 gm. water in cubic milimetre  ?

      (A) 300 cubic ml.m.    (B) 500 cubic ml.m.     (C) 200 cubic ml. m.    (D) 100 cubic ml.m.


40.  Difference between a simple fraction and its reciprocal [tex]1{1 \over {15}}[/tex] . Find out the fraction, 

     (A) [tex]{3 \over 8}[/tex]     (B) [tex]{5 \over 8}[/tex]     (C) [tex]{2 \over 7}[/tex]     (D) [tex]{3 \over 5}[/tex]


41. Product of two numbers is [tex]{14 \over 15}[/tex] and their quotient is [tex]{35 \over 24}[/tex] . Find out the numbers 

    (A) [tex]{1 \over 15}[/tex] এবং [tex]{12 \over 19}[/tex]     (B) [tex]{5 \over 7}[/tex] এবং [tex]{3 \over 10}[/tex]   (C) [tex]{7 \over 6}[/tex] এবং [tex]{4 \over 5}[/tex]     (D) [tex]{3 \over 5}[/tex] এবং [tex]{9 \over 21}[/tex]


42. The first elected President of the Indian Republic was :

     (A) C. Rajagopalachari      (B) Babu Rajendraprasad      (C) Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan       (D) Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel


43. Which of the following countries is honoured to chair the Group of Twenty (G-20) in 2009 ?

    (A) USA      (B) UK      (C) France      (D) Germany


44. The Indian author who received the Booker Prize for Fiction (2008) is :

     (A) V.S. Naipal     (B) Kiran Desai      (C) Arundhati Roy     (D) Aravind Adiga


45. Hockey was introduced in the Asian Games in

    (A) 1958 in Tokyo      (B) 1962 in Jakarta      (C) 1966 Bangkok      (D) 1970 Bangkok


46. The trophy known by the name of Grand Prix is associated with

     (A) Table Tennis      (B) Lawn Tennis      (C) Table tennis & Lawn Tennis      (D) Table Tennis Lawn Tennis & Shooting


47.  'Come Away with me' - whose album is it  ?

      (A) Madonna       (B) Britnery Spears      (C) Shakira      (D) Nora Jones


48.  'Jete Pari Kintu Keno Jabo'  was written by :

     (A) Sakti Chattapadhyaya     (B) Sunil Gangopadhyaya      (C) Sarat Kumar Mukhopadhyaya      (D) Nirendranath Chakarbarty


49. Who is the author of  ' Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea '  ?

    (A) M. K. Rollings      (B) Harold Robins     (C) Jun Vene     (D) Dan Brown


50. Who introduced Din-i-Ilahi ?

    (A) Aurangzeb     (B) Akbar    (C) Sher Shah     (D) Dara Sukha


51. 'Sal' is a type of :  

    (A) Coniferous tree     (B) Evergreen tree     (C) Mangrove      (D) Deciduous tree


52.  ' Green Revolution' in India was first introduced in :

    (A) Rice Producing area of West Bengal    (B) Wheat producing area of Punjab    (C) Millet producing area of western Ghats      (D) Sugar producing area of Bihar


53.  In simple haemonic motion, the kinetic energy: 

    (A) is never zero    (B) is zero in the mean position     (C) is twice zero in every period      (D) always remain equal


54.  Has chlorine any isotpe ?

    (A) No     (B) Two     (C) Three    (D) Four


55.  Which is paramagnetic ? 

    (A) O2      (B) N2    (C) F2    (D) H2


56. The natural spacemaker of human heart is :

     (A) SA Node      (B) A V Node     (C) Myocardium       (D) None of the above


57.  The ratio of two numbers is 2 : 3 and their H.C.F is 10.  Find out their product. 

    (A) 600     (B) 300     (C) 200     (D) None of the above


58.  The remainder in each case will be 10 when a greatest five digit no. is devided by 16, 24, 30 & 36 . 

      (A) 99956    (B) 97930    (C) 99370    (D) 98665


59.  Two person start from their destination from the same place at the same time with respective velocities 3.75 km./hr. and 3km/hr..  First person has reached their destination 30 minutes before the 2nd person. Find out the distance of their destination,

     (A) 9.5km.     (B) 7.5 km.   (C) 3.4 km.    (D) 5.9 km.


60. In flood relief camp foodgrains were stored for 70 days for 1000 refugees. After 10 days , more 200 refugees joined the camp. How many days will they spend with the stored foodgrains ? . 

    (A) 30 days     (B) 50 days     (C) 60 days      (D) 40 days


61. Find out the greater common factors of the fractoins [tex]{{15} \over {16}},{{25} \over {36}},{{13} \over {32}}[/tex] 

     (A) [tex]{1 \over {288}},{1 \over {576}},{1 \over {864}}[/tex]     (B) [tex]{1 \over {576}},{1 \over {244}},{1 \over {389}}[/tex]     (C)  [tex]{1 \over {276}},{1 \over {342}},{1 \over {595}}[/tex]     (D) [tex]{1 \over {702}},{1 \over {394}},{1 \over {613}}[/tex]


62. The speaker of the Lok Sabha is :

     (A) elected by the people     (B) nominated by the President     (C) nominated by the Prime Minister      (D) elected by the members of LokSabha


63. Which of the following products have been awarded GI tag to promote the economic prosperity of the products ?

     (A) Darjeeling Tea     (B) Madhubani paintings      (C) Thanjavur Paintaings     (D) All of the-above


64. Who among the following became the first female to win Indian Idol ?

     (A) Torsha Sarkar      (B) Kapil Thapa      (C) Sourabhee Deb Barma      (D) Tania Gupta


65. The term 'duce' is associated with the game of :

     (A) Billiards      (B) Badminton     (C) Base Ball      (D) Basket Ball


66. Nidhubabu was an exponent of :

     (A) Tappa      (B) Kheyal     (C) Palli- geeti     (D) Tusu


67. Amar Pal is famous for

    (A) Lok geeti      (B) Nazrul geeti     (C) Dwijendra geeti     (D) Atulprasadi


68. Who wrote the ' Saheb Bibi Golam' ?

    (A) Bimal Kar      (B) Subodh Ghosh      (C) Ramapada Chbudhury      (D) Bimal Mitra


69. ' Ode to the west Wind' is written by :

     (A) P. B. Shelly      (B) W. Wordsworth      (C) T.S. Eliot        (D) John Keats


70. Who granted Diwani to the English East India Company ?

     (A) Farukhsiyar     (B) Bahadur Shah-II    (C) Aurangzeeb    (D) Shah Aiam II


71. River Narmada flows through a

     (A) Fault trough      (B) Lagoon     (C) Delta    (D) Fold mountain


72. Amongest the states of India lowest sex ratio is found in :

     (A) Bihar      (B) Orissa      (C) Punjab      (D) Madhya Pradesh


73. In the red light a lens has a focal length 25 cm. In blue light, the probable focal length will be :

     (A) 25.5 cm.   (B) 24.5 cm.      (C) 15cm.      (D) 35 cm.  


74.  The elements which liberates oxygen gas from water is : 

      (A) P    (B) Na    (C) F    (D) I


75. Which acid of the following is the strongest ? :

     (A) HCOOH,     (B) CICH2COOH      (C) FCH2CH2COOH     (D) CH3COOH


76. In balanced diet the ratio of carbohydrate, fat and protein must be :

      (A) 2 : 1 : 3     (B) 2 : 3 : 1      (C) 5 : 6 : 1     (D)  2 : 1 : 1


77. In an examination, 80% examinees passed in English, 70% passed in Maths, and 150 examinees passed in both the subjects. If all the examinees passed at least in one subject, then find out the total number of      examinees :

     (A) 300    (B) 500     (C) 400      (D) 600 


78. A man sends 0.15 part of his monthly income for study of his son, 0.8 part of the rest income for other expenditure of his familiy and then he makes his "savings with the rest part. If his savings in a month is Rs. 425, then find out his monthly income,

    (A) Rs. 2,700     (B) Rs. 2,500     (C) Rs. 3,500    (D) Rs. 2600


79. [tex]99{1 \over 7} + 99{2 \over 7} + 99{3 \over 7} + 99{4 \over 7} + 99{5 \over 7} + 99{6 \over 7} = [/tex] ?

    (A) 398       (B) 394       (C) 597       (D) 504


80. A train passes 45 km. in an hour. The train pased away two posts consecutively within 10 sesonds. Find out the distance between the two posts .

    (A) 170 m.    (B) 250 m.    (C) 200 m.    (D) 150 m.


81. A boatman started for a 36 km. distant place and came back again. The time of return was 1 hr. more than the time of reaching . Speed of current was 3 km./hr.. Then find out the speed of the boat in still water,

     (A) 15 km./ hr     (B) 16 km./ hr    (C) 18 km./ hr    (D) 17 km./ hr


82. In which country has recently been suspended by the African Union after the army forced out the Prasident and installed the opposition leader in his place ?

   (A) Zimbabway     (B) Madagascar      (C) Sudan    (D) Nigeria


83. Who has been appointed to oversee and guide the board of Satyam Computer Service throughout the bidding process ?

    (A) Vivek Kundra     (B) Justice Guman mal Lodha     (C) Justice S.P Bharucha     (D) Sharat Sabrawal


84. In Austrian Open Tennis Tournament of 2008 Women's singles title went to :

     (A) Ana Ivanochiv     (B) Serena Williams    (C) Maria Sharapova     (D) Venus Wlliums


85. The play ' Bhalo Manush' was directed by :

    (A) Rudra Prasad Sengupta    (B) Sambhu Mitra     (C) Radharaman Tpadar    (D) Ajitesh Bandyopadhyaya


86.  Kathakali dance developed in the state :

     (A) Kerala      (B) Tamil Nadu    (C) Karnataka     (D) Andhra Pradesh


87. Who wrote "Sahaj Path'  ?

    (A) Abanindranath Tagore     (B) Rabindranath Tagore      (C) Iswarchandra Vidyasagar     (D) Madhusudan Dutta


88.  Who is known as Indian Nepoleon ?

    (A) Chandra Gupta II    (B) Chandra Gupta      (C) Samudra Gupta    (D) Saknda Gupta


89.  In which year was the Gandhi Irwin Pact signed  ? 

    (A) 1911     (B)    1921     (C) 1941     (D)1931


90. The words Socialist and Secular have been incorporated in the preamble to the Constitution of India :

     (A) 1950      (B) 1976     (C) 1978      (D) 1980


91. The judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by :

     (A) The Chief justice of India    (B) The president      (C) The Prime Minister     (D) The law Minister


92.  Who is the current Chairman of the Planning Commission of India ?

     (A) Montek Singh Ahluwalia    (B) Dr. Monmohan Singh     (C) Sonia Gandhi    (D) Pranab Mukherjee


93. Which of the following recently approached the Supreme Court to decide on the issue of negative vote in elections

    (A) Association for Pepole's Democratic Rights     (B) Pepoles' Union for Civil Liberites      (C) The Election Commission     (D) The president of india


94. In 2006 World Cup Soccer Tournament the champion team was

   (A) Germany     (B) France     (C) Argentina    (D) Italy


95. Hariprasd Chourasia is famous for :

   (A) Sitar recital     (B) Flute recital     (C) Sarod recital      (D) Santoor rectial


96. Who was famous for portraying the character of King Oedipus ?

    (A) Utpal Dutta     (B) Ashoke Mukhopadhyaya    (C) Bibhas Chakarbarty    (D) Sambhu Mitra


97. Who is the author of Treasure Island' ?

   (A) Sidney Sheldon    (B) Arthur Miller     (C) R.L. Stevenson     (D) Solman Rushdi


98. Who was the last Jain Trithankar ?

   (A) Mahavira     (B) Rishavanath     (C) Parshanath      (D) Sariputta


99. Who was the first President of the Indian National Congress?

    (A) Surendranath Banerjee     (B) Dadabhai Naoroji     (C) W.C. Banerjee    (D) M.K. Gandhi 


100.  Cyclones of Bay of Bengal are studied with the help of :

     (A) Topographical Maps     (B) Satellite Imageries     (C) GIS     (D) Oxford Atlas



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