W.B Joint Entrance Exam

WBJEE Biology Question Paper 2010(Eng)

WBJEE - 2010 - Biology

1.  First Genetically modified plant commercially released in India is :

(A) Golden rice       (B) Slow ripening tomato       (C) Bt-brinjal       (D) Bt-Cotton


2.   Quiescent centre is found in plants at :

(A) Root tip      (B) Cambium       (C) Shoot tip         (D) Leaf tip


3.   In a DNA molecule distance between two bases is

WBJEE Biology Question Paper 2011(Eng)

WBJEE - 2011 -  Biology

1.  Glucose and amino acids are reabosorbed in the

(A) proximal tubule         (B) distal tubule          (C) collecting duct         (D) loop of Henle


2.   The amount of CSF in the cranial cavity

(A) 500 ml        (B) 140 ml        (C) 1 litre        (D) 1.5 ml


3.   Which one is imino acid ?

(A) Pepsin          (B) Proline         (C) Cysteine         (D) Renin



1. Bohr’s theory of hydrogen atom did not explain fully
  A. diameter of H atom
  B. emission spectra
  C. ionisation energy
  D. the fine structure of even hydrogen spectrum

2. A current loop placed in a non-uniform magnetic field experiences :
  A. a force of repulsion
  B. a force of attraction
  C. a torque but not force
  D. a force and a torque

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