WBCS(Main)-2005 Psychology Paper I Question Paper

                                West Bengal Civil Service Examination (Main), 2005

                                                (Optional Papers)

                                              Psychology Paper I


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                       Full Marks-100


                                                      Group - A

                                          Answer any four questions


1.   The individual development involves a continuous interaction between the organism and its environment.   Explain the statement with reference to sensory deprivation and enriched environment during early childhood.      16


2.   Explain the characteristics of perception.  What do you understand by the phenomenon of perceptual defence ?      16


3.   Explain classical conditioning and instrumental conditioning.   Give examples.     16


4.   What is prejudice ?   Comment on the statement– ‘Often individual of disadvantaged group is seen as a non-person’.       16


5.   Evaluate Eysenck’s hierarchical theory of personality.     16


6.   Discuss the information processing theories of memory.     16


7.   Write short notes of any two of the following :       8 x 2

     (a) Resistance of change.

     (b) Convergent and divergent thinking.

     (c) Humanistic model of man.

     (d) Retrieval problems in long term memory.

     (e) Maslow’s theory of need-hierarchy.


                                                       Group- B

                                           Answer any two questions.


8.   Briefly discuss the critical consequences of intra and interpersonal conflicts if remain unresolved.  


9.   Evaluate the theories language of Skimar and Chomsky       18


10.   Discuss how Psychology as a behavioural science may be helpful iri public policy making with respect to education , health, defence and national integration .