WBCS(Main)-2000 Geography Paper- II Question Paper

                                            W.B Civil Service Examination (Main)- 2002

                                                             (Optional Papers)

                                                            Geography Paper-II


Time Allowed-3 Hours                                                                                     Full Marks-100

                                                      All questions carry equal marks

                                                                      Group - A

                                                        Answer any two questions


1.  Discuss the pattern of relief of Asia in relation to its geological evolution.


2.  Critically analyze the spatio-temporal variation of India’s population resource.


3.  Assess the role of natural resources in the economic development of Bangladesh.


         Account for the status of Japan as an industrial giant in the contemporary world,


4.  Give a critical appraisal of the plantation economy of South-east Asia.



                                                          Answer any two questions.


5.  Give a reasoned geographical account of either Paris Basin or Rhine Basin.


6.  Explain why

    (a) Eastern England gets less rainfall than Wales and

    (b) Most of the newer blast furnaces in England are situated in Ports.


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