WBCS(Main)- 1996 Sociology Paper -I Question Paper

                                              WEST BENGAL CIVIL SERVICE


                                                    SOCIOLOGY—Paper I

Time Allowed—3’ Hours                                                                 Full marks—100


                Answer any three questions from Group A and any two from Group B.

                                                All Questions carry equal marks.


                                                                Group A

                                                    Answer any three questions.


1.  Explain how culture can hinder change.


2.  Do you think that the  nature of  social control changes as society becomes modern ?


3.  Examine the relationship between socialization and social order.


4. Point out  the importance of secondary groups in modern social life.


5. Discuss, after Weber the sources of legitimacy.


                                                        Group B

                                              Answer any two questions.


6.  Do social changes generate social conflict  ?


7. Would you say consumption and  social  status are interrelated ?


8. Is sociological research a violation  of  individual privacy ?