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Answer any five questions given below:

  1. How Sidda became leela’s friend in the story Lella’s Friend? How did Leela teach her friend, Sidda? 3+2=5

  2. Discuss the appropriateness of the title “Leela’s Friend”. 5

  3. Who is Sidda? What was the relation between Sidda and Sivasankar? What Sidda had to do in his master’s house? In return of his work what was given to Sidda? 1+1+1.5+1.5=5

  4. How can you say that the title “Karma” is appropriate? 5

  5. Who was Mohan Lal? What was the name of his wife? What kind of relationship do you find between Mohan Lal and his wife in the short story Karma? 1+1+3=5

  6. Give out a brief description of Mohan Lal’s five years in London. Why was Mohan Lal’s wife unhappy in her married life? 2.5+2.5=5

  7. What Mohan Lal did to attract the people in his first class compartment? Could he really impress the English people at the last moment? What happened at the last moment of Mohan Lal’s Journey? 3+1+1=5



Answer all the questions given below:

  1. “I am only a native woman” Who said this? To who was it said? 1+1

  2. “She was fond of little gossip and had no one to talk to at home” Why had she none to talk at home? 2

  3. “I’ll have you arrested guard, guard!” Who said this and when? 2

  4. “After her meal Leela refused to go to bed” What was the reaction of Leela after Sidda’s departure from this house? 2

  5. “You must be quick about it.” Who said this and to who was it said? Why she should be quick about it? 1+1

  6. “Sir Mohan decided to welcome them” Whom did he decide to welcome? 1

  7. “You are so very much like everything else in this country” who said this and to whom was it said by the speaker? 1

  8. “Sidda knows the moon” Who said this to whom? 1

  9. “Why did you run away without telling us” Who said this and to whom was it said? 1

  10. From where the story “Karma” was taken? Mention the source of the story “Leela’s Friend”. 1


Try to attempt all of the following questions:

  1. Fill in the blanks with suitable group verbs given in the brackets: 1+1

  1. Sir Mohan Lal ............................ himself in the mirror of a first class waiting room at the railway station. (looked over/looked up/looked for/looked at)

  2. Then I might as well ........................... the bother of eating. (get into/get down/get over/get up)

  1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate article and prepositions. 2

  1. The red oxide ...................... its back bad come .................. ...................... several places and long lines ...................... transparent glass cut across its surface. Sir Mohan smiled ................. the mirror with an air pity and patronage.

  1. Rewrite the following sentences as directed: 1+1+2+2

  1. She produced two-anna bit from a knot in her sari and dismissed the coolie. (Use participle)

  2. He was dismayed. The compartment was empty. (Use participle)

  3. Mohan Lal said to the soldiers, “I’ll have you arrested”. (Change narration)

  4. He was taken away your gold chain. (Change voice)

*Most important miscellaneous questions*

1. From Leela’s Friend: Sidda’s character, Leela’s teaching, Sidda’s Play makes Leela Supremely happy.

2. From Karma: Mohan Lal’s character, Appropriateness of the title, Lachmi’s character.

3. From Upon the Westminster Bridge: Substance: the beauty of London city.

4. From Meeting at Night: Journey detail, Symbolism, Imagery.

5. From Sick Rose: Symbolism, Allusion of Bible.







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