Electrical & Electronics Engineering

WBUT 2013 BASIC ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Question Paper Code [CS/B.Tech (OLD)/SEM-2/EC-201/2013]

WBUT Question Paper 2013 for BASIC ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING of Sem-2. This is according to the newly added syllabus of WBUT. This question is for B.Tech first year students. WBUT question 2013. B.Tech Question 2013. Paper Code -[CS/B.Tech (OLD)/SEM-2/EC-201/2013].

List of Symbols of Power Electronics

List of Symbols used in Power Electronics books. Average value of the output DC voltage., Average value of the output DC current., Output dc power.,Output capacitor. The root mean square (rms) value of the ac voltage., The rms value of the ac current. Efficiency ( or Rectification ratio) of a rectifier.