Electrical & Electronics Engineering

WBUT 2013 BASIC ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Question Paper Code [CS/B.Tech (OLD)/SEM-2/EC-201/2013]

Submitted by vink0108 on Mon, 07/28/2014 - 12:27
WBUT Question Paper 2013 for BASIC ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING of Sem-2. This is according to the newly added syllabus of WBUT. This question is for B.Tech first year students. WBUT question 2013. B.Tech Question 2013. Paper Code -[CS/B.Tech (OLD)/SEM-2/EC-201/2013].


Submitted by Navin_Shaw on Sat, 07/12/2014 - 11:22
B.TECH(CS/B.TECH (CSE-OLD)/ IT (O),ECE (O), EE (O), EEE (O), ICE (O)/SEM-3/CS-302/2012-13) | WBUT question paper 2012 for ( DATA STRUCTURE & ALGORITHMS (CS-302/2012-2013) of sem-3. This is according to the new syllabus of WBUT. This question is for B.Tech.SECOND year students. WBUT question 2012. B.Tech. (CS/B.TECH (CSE-OLD)/ IT (O),ECE (O), EE (O), EEE (O), ICE (O)/SEM-3/CS-302/2012-13) Question.

WBUT 2013 NUMERICAL METHODS Question Paper ( Paper Code: M(CS)-301)

Submitted by Firebird on Mon, 02/03/2014 - 14:15
WBUT 2013 Semester Question Paper for NUMERICAL METHODS. This Paper is currently included in the syllabus of Applied Elecronics and Instrumentation Engineering(AEIE), Electronics and Communication and Engineering(ECE) in third sem(2nd year-First sem), and in the syllabus of Computer Science and Engineering(CSE), Information Technology(IT), in fourth sem(2nd year-2nd sem).