Economic Geography

Syllabus for Economic Geography [Class XI]

Class XI: Economic Geography Syllabus

                       ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY  CLASS - XI (Full Marks -100)  

                                             Group - A [60 marks)



1. Introduction:

Syllabus for Eco Geography [Class -XII]

Class XII: Economic Geography Syllabus

                                        CLASS - XII (Full Marks -100)

                                               Group - A [45 marks]



1. Population: 

Syllabus for Eco-Geography (Hons) -[WBSSC]

Syllabus for WBSSC Assistant Teachers: Eco-Geography (Hons)



A. Concept: Resource perception – economic and environmental; Concept and classification of resources; Resource creating factors and processes, utilization processes, technology and environmental quality; economic activities- Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary; Ranking of World Economics.