Jagannath Kishore College, Purulia

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Jagannath Kishore College,Purulia

Image removed. Popular as J.K. College, Purulia affiliated to the Sidho-Kanho Birsha University, is not only one of the best and the leading College of  Purulia. Before it was one of  the most distinguished affiliated Colleges of Burdwan University.



Website: www.jkcprl.ac.in





  1. Bengali
  2. English
  3. Hindi
  4. Sanskrit
  5. Political Science
  6. Philosophy
  7. History
  8. Education
  9. Geography
  10. Economics
  11. Physics
  12. Chemistry
  13. Mathematics
  14. Geology
  15. Zoology
  16. Botany
  17. Microbiology
  18. Computer Science
  19.  Commerce


Career Counseling
Health Center




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